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On a so-so week for new video releases, a documentary following comedian Jerry Seinfeld as he labors to come up with new material leads the way, along with a well-reviewed foreign film lead the way.


"Comedian" follows Seinfeld in the year after he gave up his TV show and announced he was retiring all his old material. We watch as he writes and tries out new material - and we also follow an up-and-coming comedian, Orny Adams. The Seinfeld stuff is fresh and interesting; the stuff with Adams - who turns out to be grating - isn't as interesting. The DVD has commentary from Seinfeld. R, restricted, for profanity. 82 min.


"Kandahar" follows a Canadian journalist - an exile from Afghanistan - as she returns to her homeland to try to rescue her suicidal sister. This French film, which won warm reviews from critics, explores the horrors and deprivations facing Afghanistan in the wake of years of civil war and Taliban rule. DVD. No MPAA rating. 85 min.


"Analyze That" reunites Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal in the sequel to their hit comedy about a Mob boss and his shrink. In the sequel, DeNiro's crime boss fakes insanity so he can be released into the custody of his shrink (Crystal). Lisa Kudrow also stars. The DVD has commentary from director Harold Ramis. R, for profanity and some sexual content.

95 min.

"The Hot Chick" features Rob Schneider, trapped in the body of a high school babe; everyone ends up rediscovering their inner adolescent in the latest comedy from Adam Sandler's creative team. Anna Faris also stars. The DVD features an alternative ending. PG-13, parental guidance suggested for children 13 and under, for crude and sexual humor, profanity and drug references. 104 min.


"Equilibrium" stars Christian Bale in a cautionary sci-fi tale about a future society in which emotion is forbidden and everyone is forced to take empathy-deadening drugs. Trouble breaks out when Bale, one of the anti-emotion enforcers, forgets to take his daily dose. Taye Diggs and Emily Watson also star. DVD. R, for profanity, violence, adult situations. 107 min.


"Sabretooth" (R, 90 min.) is about a genetically engineered tiger on the loose and munching on its victims. Š The week features a batch of new releases for children: "Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Good Friends Forever" (40 min.) has three episodes of the show about the friendly plane; "Clifford the Big Red Dog: Here Comes Clifford" (45 min.) has four episodes of the PBS show for kids; "Super Duper Sumos: Deep Sushi" (95 min.) has four episodes of the animated show; "Barney's Outdoor Fun" (55 min.) finds the purple dino and his pals on a camping trip.


"This Boy's Life," the harrowing 1993 coming-of-age story with Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Barkin, makes its DVD debut. Š DeNiro also stars in Roland Joffe's 1986 epic "The Mission," just out on DVD. Š The seventh season of "The X-Files" was the last full season for David Duchovny - as a result, some fans consider it the show's last good season. Judge for yourself: All 22 episodes of season seven are now out on a six-disc set. Š "The Intercepting Fist" and "Path of the Dragon," a pair of Bruce Lee titles, appear on DVD. Š Just in time for this summer's big-screen "Hulk" movie, a new "Incredible Hulk" disc features two of the Bill Bixby-Lou Ferrigno TV movies Š You can order the DVD of David Lynch's debut 1977 feature, "Eraserhead," straight from Lynch's own Web site,

Next week: "Adaptation," "Antwone Fisher," "Max" and "Star Trek Nemesis."

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