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Art show

Most Missoula art shows that premiere works on a First Friday limit themselves to one opening show before letting the artwork hang in the gallery without much fanfare for the remainder of the month.

But there was no way that could have been the case with “The Super Show,” hosted by VonCommon.

A display of works by local artists inspired by superheroes, super villains and all things super was just too big for one single bash.

That’s why VonCommon will host a second event, on Wednesday, Aug. 15, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Suite 316 of the Radio Building on 127 E. Main St.

VonCommon, in it’s current incarnation, has occupied its East Main Street residence since February and hosted its grand opening in March.

“‘The Super Show’ is definitely our biggest and best so far,” said resident VonCommon artist Adelaide Every.

“The Super Show” features the works of Every, Marlo Crocifisso, Courtney Blazon, Jack Metcalf, Adam Lynn, Acton Douglas, Jonathan Marquis, David Turley, Lauren Norby, Hana MT, Lady Pajama, Chase McBride, Becky Jean Swantner, Gretel Stoudt, Jeremiah Goldson, Tim Carpenter, Elisha Thomas, Terah Hibbard, Jess Abell and others.

So how did the idea for “The Super Show” come about and how is it that so many local artists were willing to participate?

“A few of the artists in our group, Jonathan and Becky Jean, have been using superheroes and super villains as subject matter in their work for a few years now,” Every said. “So I pretty much just jumped on board because I thought it was a great idea. I don’t know a lot about comic books or superheroes or anything like that. But it’s such a part of our culture that I think a lot of people were interested in a project like this.”

Wednesday’s reception will tie in with the kickoff of the annual local music festival Total Fest XI, as well as a fabric installation at Zoo City Apparel by Missoula native Amanda Browder, who currently makes her home in New York City.

“Even if it stood alone without this other event tied to it, I think “The Super Show” would warrant two viewings,” said Every. “I’m expecting a different crowd on Wednesday – the art lovers who can’t make it on First Friday, the art lovers who don’t like to go on First Friday, and we’re obviously going to have a pretty good Total Fest contingency.”

In addition to the artwork, Wednesday will feature a lineup of DJs to be announced, and there will be a VonCommon take on fabrics as artists make “Freak Flags” to fly from the window of the gallery and around the block.

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