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Falcon Song

Rainey Qualley stars in "Falcon Song," an indie drama shot in the Livingston area that is getting a sneak preview this weekend at the Roxy.

A retro drama starring Rainey Qualley, daughter of part-time Missoula resident Andie MacDowell, will get a sneak peek at the Roxy Theater this weekend.

“Falcon Song,” was shot in the Livingston area last year. It recreates the look and feel of an ’80s film, but it’s not poking fun at the period.

“It’s kind of like a vintage style ’80s-esque independent film,” Qualley said in a phone interview.

Qualley, 24, stars as Sarah Lou, the daughter of a small-town ranch owner.

Syd, a guitar-playing drifter (Gabriel Sunday), rolls into town, and begins to shake things up, as Sarah Lou discovers her family’s magical past. That element of magic realism is why the film is billed as “Western fantasy.”

Director Jason Corgan Brown has said in interviews that the film is an homage to the decade of “Gremlins,” and “Spaceballs,” and not an ironic take on the cinema of the time period. That earnestness has earned the independent project good reviews in the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.

Brown “definitely embraces that style and visually it’s pretty striking,” Qualley said. The colorful look is accented with music by the likes of the Moody Blues.

Martin Kove, a veteran of ’80s classics, stars as Caspian, a member of the secret society threatening to take her father’s land.

“My brother and I grew up loving ‘The Karate Kid,’ so it was pretty cool getting to work with Martin,” Qualley said.

She was raised in the Missoula area, leaving when she was 9, but MacDowell still has a ranch property in the area.

MacDowell (“Groundhog Day,” “Footloose,” “Sex, Lies and Videotape,”) initially didn’t let her daughter get into acting. She still was interested in the performance arts, and started dancing when she was 2. Once she was an adult, she moved to New York and began studying and pursuing her career.

“My brother and sister and I live all over the place, but we come back for Christmas,” Qualley said. “Montana’s a real special place for us.”



“Falcon Song” will have several sneak preview screenings at the Roxy Theatre on Friday, March 28, through Sunday, March 30, at 7 and 9 p.m. each night. Tickets are available at the box office. The film is 105 minutes. Rated PG. Q&As with director Jason Corgan Brown will take place after each screening.

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