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Roxy Theater

The Roxy Theater

It’ll be quiet on the set this summer when the Roxy Film Academy unlocks the creative potential in Missoula’s youngest aspiring filmmakers.

Week-long and day-long camps will take place at The Roxy Theater from June 26 through Aug. 18 for kids of all ages.

The first week-long camp is already complete for the youngest kiddos, which took place June 19-23.

“We came to realize through our work in (Missoula County Public Schools) classrooms over the past year in all grade levels that filmmaking really does have something to offer all ages,” RFA Education Director Erin Hale said. “After having such successful experiences making films with littles and bigs, it only made sense to offer filmmaking camps for all.”

RFA camps aim to teach students artistic and technical filmmaking skills while also developing their teamwork abilities, as a tremendous amount of cooperation goes into collaborative filmmaking.

“We have something for all the creative minds,” said RFA teaching artist Patrick Kirkley. “Campers will walk away with a new set of ‘artist eyes’ that allow them to see the world in new, creative and beautiful ways. You’ll listen deeper, you’ll watch closer. You’ll be able to tell your parents all about the decisions that go into movies, commercials and media, and why they make those choices.”

RFA day camps specialize in specific activities, like recording sound effects, stop-animating a scene or creating a soundscape from recorded sounds. Week-long camps will give students a wider perspective of the filmmaking process and disciplines while allowing them to try multiple roles throughout the week and to get a better feel of what a whole film project entails from conception, through creation, to post-production. Starting this year, all camps fourth grade and up will include access to an editing lab to give students more complete authorship of their stories.

New camps this year include a Foley sound camp, where campers will learn to make their own sound effects for films, a much-requested digital editing camp for teens, and an internet-centric Instacamp aimed at students who are just beginning to acquire social media accounts.

“We are living in a time when young people have a digital presence at a very young age through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media and internet outlets. Instacamp takes all of the creative, playful and expressive bits of these platforms, and pairs them with tools for a healthy body image, mindfulness and self-awareness. We will create healthy selfies, dance in a flash mob, participate in viral video challenges, chat with professional content creators and more,” Hale said.

Week-long camps end with a special red-carpet premiere at The Roxy to celebrate and share the camp’s completed work with family and friends.

“There is no feeling like seeing your film (and your face) on the big screen,” said Hale. “Above all, we want to create a space where students feel safe to express themselves and create in ways that make their hearts come alive.”

RFA summer camps run through August. Check out the complete schedule and register at

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