Motorhome, "Scribble Cheeks/Amodeo"

The halycon days of 1990s rock have never quite gone away, but you can't always count on a local purveyor.

Motorhome, a Missoula band, has members who played back in that original era of loud-quiet-loud indie rock, began working together here a few years back. While they're relatively new as a group, having released a debut LP, "Magnets," last year, they're all veterans.

Their new 7-inch record, "Scribble Cheeks/Amodeo," features two new tracks that fit in their mode of operation: Contemplative mid-tempo songs with heavy grooves and bursts of loud melodic guitar. They have their own novel variations: "Scribble Cheeks" and "Amodeo" both boast a novel combination of 1990s-style squelchy guitar noise and glimmering vibraphone under the vocals that set them apart.

Like their full-length, they're an unexpected local revival of the sound, and if you're a fan of the style would probably agree that it's worth checking out live. 

They'll play the Top Hat on Friday, Dec. 6, with Arrowleaf and Wrinkles. Music starts at 10:15 p.m. It's free, 21 and up only. Check out the album at motorhome.bandcamp.com.

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