Mumford & Sons

Ho hey, look-y here it's those guys and the Mumford guy.

Beat Deaf

(Saturday, Aug. 10)

I like this band name, because, just like Sean Bean, it’s made of two words that look like they should be pronounced the same, but aren’t. It’s more fun (just like with Sean Bean) to pronounce them the same anyway.

So catch Helena’s Beat Deaf playing tunes off their freshly recorded album “Troubled Time Side B,” which has a punk-y, country feel, with scratchy vocals and harmonica solos.

Locals Easter Island (head-banging garage rock) and Jupiter Beat (space rock) will do their thing and play opening sets at the VFW.

Show starts at 9 p.m.

Mumford & Sons

(Sunday, Aug. 11)

So, this is technically sold out, but one glance at the Facebook event page and there’s more resale tickets to be had than there are neighbors who will be pissed that the road’s closed on Sunday.

You definitely know Marcus Mumford and the other guys in this band will put on the best folk-pop show in the world, after they dusted The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men in the Great Folk Wars of 2011-12 and decided to pivot to … generic arena rock (2018’s “Delta”).

But they have 13 semi trailers and 10 tour buses and if that isn’t enough equipment to make “Little Lion Man” sound good, then what is?

Portugal. The Man open at Ogren Park, making this show a true nostalgia tour before the decade’s even done.

Doors at 6 p.m. Show at 7:30 p.m. Check this week’s cover story for all the details on parking, road closures and other relevant details for attendees.

Chad Prather

(Tuesday, Aug. 13)

Ahh, well this is unfortunate. Prather’s a comedian of sorts, who likens himself to a modern-day Will Rogers, marrying humor, music and political satire.

In reality, Prather appears to be hoping to bump himself up to Fox News talking head if he can manage it. He has a talk show/podcast on his Facebook page (The most recent episode starts with a 10-minute story about Prather befriending a man. Would it surprise you to hear he was black?) and a website, politicalcowboy.com, which is a  low-rent conservative Buzzfeed affair with click-bait headlines all focused on those ridiculous liberals and how police and other uniformed people aren’t respected enough.

So Prather, like many people in 2019, is trying to have it both ways. Just say you’re a humanist, who’s trying to unite America by poking fun at all sides, then pander to your base with videos discussing how illegal immigration isn’t a race issue, but a clash of cultures. Funny, funny stuff.

Doors at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. at The Wilma. Tickets are $30.

Flying Lotus

(Wednesday, Aug. 14)

New jazz pioneer Flying Lotus (Steve Ellison) is making a stop in Missoula? Wow.

Ellison broke into mainstream music consciousness with 2014’s “You’re Dead!” which featured Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, and fooled a bunch of naive rap fans into buying a full-on jazz fusion record (ditto for Thundercat’s “Drunk”).

His follow-up “Flamagra,” released in spring of 2019, spreads out even further into jazz, R&B and fusions of all the genres in between, according to a highly favorable review from Pitchfork.

“The 89-second ‘Andromeda,’ a co-write with Thundercat, sounds like Flying Lotus’ take on Radiohead’s version of post-rock. ‘Say Something,’ even shorter, might be Tom Waits soundtracking a Wes Anderson film,” wrote Philip Sherburne.

And the tour features 3-D visuals, with cardboard glasses handed out at the door. Not one to miss.

Salami Rose Joe Louis and PBDY support at The Wilma.

Doors at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. Tickets are $29.50 in advance and $32.50 at the door.

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