Enough of this incompetent buffoonery

Enough of this incompetent buffoonery


To say I'm disgusted with Congress would be like saying the sun rises in the east.

It's TTBO time: Throw The Bums Out - Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Let's start fresh.

Why throw the bums out?

The final affront was the vote against E-Verify, particularly at a time when Americans are scrambling for work. E-Verify allowed an employer to verify an applicant's citizenship. Now undocumented workers, foreign illegals, will get bailout money while Americans scramble for work. I'm outraged and offended.

In addition, Congress foisted upon the banks, savings and loans, and mortgage brokers a requirement for a certain percentage of home loans to be made without sound, common-sense requirements. Loans were made with "stated income," wherein a borrower provided no verification of employment, no verification of deposits proving he had sufficient funds - concepts developed under the peanut farmer, coming to fruition under Clinton.

This poor credit practice, this blatant attempt to purchase votes, blossomed into the Mortgage Backed Security, ineptly overseen by an SEC peopled by those who'd favored members of Congress and gotten political appointments, not by the most qualified.

I don't fault our free enterprise system, only those entrusted not to let caveat emptor be spiced with lies and deception. Wall Street loves a sucker, only this time they suckered the whole financial world while Congress slept, and it reflects on every one of us. Instead of taking them to task, Congress bailed them out without oversight, and they paid themselves huge bonuses with your money and mine.

Don't think the United States will survive unscathed from this debacle, this buffoonery, this theft; it will continue to cost each and every one of us, our children, our grandchildren. We look like fools and cheats in the eyes of the world. Now it's time we demand good government. TTBO.

L. J. Martin, Clinton

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