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Madeline Mae Tran and Khai Nhat Tran, Missoula, girl, Jan. 8

Rachael and Loren Fitzpatrick, Missoula, boy, Jan. 6

Grace Harris Gardner and Landon James Gardner, Missoula, boy, Jan. 6

Jordan Angelica Mesa and Buck Eric Claesson, Missoula, girl, Dec. 31

Josh and Janine Drake, Great Falls, girl, Jan. 8

Jessica S. Gibbs and Garrett A. Schmitt, Missoula, boy, Jan. 8

Valerie Marie Piet and Peter Blake Lewis, Missoula, girl, Jan. 7

Michelle and Robert Nowels, Missoula, boy, Jan. 9

Kira Oliver and Cody North, Arlee, girl, Dec. 30

Katie Gilmore and Brad Inman, Huson, girl, Dec. 28

Kristtyn Savage and Adam Patouhas, Missoula, boy, Dec. 27

Samantha Snowberger and Amos Hill, Missoula, boy, Dec. 28

Kayla Marie Chapple and Auston McDonald, Missoula, girl, Dec. 28

Amanda Meredith and James Nowlin, Dillon, twins, boy and girl, Dec. 26

Devon Claire Moore and Nathan Alan Tripp, Missoula, girl, Dec. 21

Desiree Nida and Paul Foynes, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Alycia M. and Thomas J. Dunn, Missoula, boy, Jan. 8

Jessica and Eli Catton, Missoula, girl, Jan. 9

Kandace and Nick Fjerstad, Missoula, girl, Jan. 9

J. Teal and Brian Beebe, Lolo, girl, Jan. 11

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