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Tess and Jesse Ehli, Corvallis, boy, May 3

Nicole and Bryan Morton, Stevensville, girl, May 3

Breanna and Maxwell Smith, Missoula, boy, May 2

Jamie and Jack Sievers, Arlee, boy, May 3

Fayza Nasir and Jordan Espinosa, Missoula, girl, May 4

Joycedein and Joshua Jones, Lolo, girl, May 4

Maureen and Casey Cordial, Missoula, boy, May 4

Clarissa and Jacob Gunn, Alberton, boy, May 4

Courtney and Levi McFadden, Missoula, boy, May 5

Krystel and Brian Pickens, Florence, boy, May 5

Chantel and Michael Rambo, Missoula, girl, May 4

Heather and Adam Thomas, Clinton, boy, May 6

Tess and Ryan Reis, Lolo, girl, May 5

Danielle and Matthew Mellott, Florence, boy, May 8

Alexis Q. Eller-Reed and John McGill, St. Regis, boy, April 5

Katie Smith-Montes and Robert Ellington-Montes, Lolo, boy, April 9

Kelli Tinervin and Phillip Gregg, Stevensville, boy, April 18

Danae Daniel and Philip Barber, Missoula, boy, April 25

Alexandra Hughes and Cole Chapman, Clinton, boy, April 28

Shayleen Meuchel and eugene Mitchell, Lolo, girl, May 1

Kayla Hannawalt and Kenneth Brown, girl, May 10

Amity D. and Ronald J. Graham, Missoula, girl, May 9

Lara and Nick Porrini, Missoula, boy, May 9

Marissa and Pedro Russell, Florence, girl, May 8

Brianna Dawn Kruger and Earl Thomas Kellberg, Superior, girl, May 10

Jessica and Nikolay Lemeza, Missoula, girl, May 10

Karalie and DJ Smith, Missoula, girl, May 10

Briaunna and Maxwell Lacy, Plains, boy, May 10

Angela and Dustin Fusco, Missoula, boy, May 10

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