Jocelynn J. and Scott Graves, Pendleton, Oregon and Pocatello, Idaho, boy, Oct. 20

Maria Magstadt and Collin Riley, Stevensville, girl, Oct. 21

Charlee and Nicholas Olson, Stevensville, girl, Oct. 21

Charnelle BearMedicine and Sean Joseph Lewis II, Missoula, girl, Oct. 13

BriAnna Garrett and Peter Swanson, Corvallis, twin boys, Oct. 6

Maurila and Richard Fisher, Polson, girl, Oct. 19

Nichole and Taylor Blakely, Missoula, boy, Oct. 20

Jordan and Justin Gilbertson, Lolo, boy, Oct. 20

Stefanie and Kevin Krasovich, Missoula, boy, Oct. 22

Rosalee Harris and Nathan A. Brown, Missoula, boy, Oct. 22

Emily Coyle and Kit O'Connor, Missoula, girl, Oct. 23

Bridget and Cody Munson, Missoula, boy, Oct. 24

Hollie and Ryan Toews, Victor, girl, Oct. 28

Silver and Steve Beaty, Helena, boy, Oct. 11

Bre-Ana and Tyrone Brown, Missoula, girl, Oct. 24

Ashlee and Eric Dowling, Missoula, girl, Oct. 25

Sabryna and Josh Stuart, Lolo, boy, Oct. 25

Kristin Kathleen Green and Jonathan Patrick Green, Missoula, girl, Oct. 26