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Josie and Jaceson Stokken, Missoula, girl, Dec. 1

Jessica and Kody Kostelecky, Missoula, girl, Dec. 1

Misty and Jhawn Thompson, Missoula, girl, Dec. 1

MaKale Collins and Alex Trickey, Missoula, boy, Nov. 30

Camaleigh Old Coyote and Sidney Fitzpatrick, St. Ignatius, boy, Nov. 26

Jennifer Manhart and John Shelman, Missoula, boy, Nov. 16

Michaela Mendoza and Dominic Hyde, Missoula, boy, Nov. 15

Emily Felde and Nick Webster, Missoula, girl, Nov. 13

Rylee Fred and Josh Meader, Missoula, girl, Nov. 13

Lexie Shae Cook and Jeffrey Austin Woods, Missoula, girl, Nov. 19

Kari and Ethan Ranger, Missoula, boy, Nov. 29

Taylor and Sam Whisonant, Missoula, girl, Dec. 4

Sarah and Roman Hostetler, Roundup, girl, Dec. 4

Kiyomi O. and Clayton A. Looney, Missoula, girl, Dec. 3

Victoria and Matthew Price, Missoula, boy, Dec. 4

Katlin and Devin Tonkin, Anaconda, boy, Dec. 4

Melanie and Stephen Ohler, Missoula, boy, Dec. 4

Maygen K. and Dustin A. St. John, Missoula, boy, Dec. 5

Keely and Phillip Gaskill, Sidney/Casper, Wyoming, girl, Dec. 6

Kristen and Garret Swanson, Hamilton, boy, Dec. 6

Lyndi and Cole Wallace, Polson, girl, Dec. 6

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