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Kayla Garnett and David Bex, Missoula, boy, Sept. 6

Allyson and Kimberly Bailey, Missoula, boy, Sept. 6

Taylor Dahl-Madson and Joseph Renfro, Missoula, boy, Sept. 3

Melissa Harman and Brian Meyers, Missoula, boy, Sept. 1

Mickenzie Knight and Brent Charles, Missoula, boy, Sept. 1

Sara Elizabeth Barnard and Andrew L. Moosman,girl, Aug. 30

Candi Davis and Pasha Boyer, Missoula, boy, Aug. 29

Kayla Jenkins and Seth Moberly, Stevensville, boy, Aug. 24

ShayLyn Andrew and Cole Noble, Pablo, girl, Aug. 24

Jessica Clarkin and Brad D. Ivanoff, Arlee, girl, Aug. 24

Jasmine Friesen and Devin Pyette, Missoula, girl, Aug. 23

Kristin McClure and Bryce Picard, Charlo, boy, Aug. 21

Erika Kelley and Patrick Finn, Missoula, girl, Aug. 9

Emily Beckett and Christian Bramsen, Missoula, boy, Aug. 9

Samantha Bestwick and Don Hansen, Clinton, girl, Aug. 9

Sara and Shawn Frazer, Missoula, boy, Aug. 21

Samantha L. Sievers and Matthew J. Powers, Missoula, girl, Aug. 13

Amy McGraw and Wes Goodwin, Plains, girl, Aug. 10

Schelby and Justin Smith, Missoula, boy, Sept. 6

Chloe and Randy Munden, Missoula, boy, Sept. 7

Dusti and Taylor Scott, Missoula, boy, Sept. 7

Emily and Travis Griffin, Missoula, girl, Sept. 7

Ashley and Justin Cheung, Missoula, by, Sept. 7

Cherie Shigley and Billy Lee Henderson III, Great Falls, girl, Sept. 8

Sandra and Thomas Raye Lapinski, Superior, girl, Sept. 9

Anna Taylor and Wes Southard, Lolo, boy, Sept. 7

Rebekah Potter and Michael Kamerer, Missoula, boy, Sept. 10

Megan Goldhahn and Michael Hughes, Missoula, boy, Sept. 10

Stevie Joe and Reuben Toavs, Missoula, boy, Sept. 9

Heather and Brent Everson, Helena, girl, Sept. 10

Aryn and Chase Crawford, Missoula, boy, Sept. 10

Stephanie and Mack Momberg, Missoula, boy, Sept. 10

Chelsea Nichols and Michael Fahey, Missoula, boy, Sept. 3

Christina Fithian and Casey Pallavicini, Clinton, girl, Sept. 6

Emily and Doug Roehm, Helena, boy, Sept. 11

Allisa and Devin Gilstrap, Missoula, boy, Sept. 12

Kate and Tayor Mulford, Missoula, twin girls, Sept. 13

Mishanne Coppock and Robert Zawlocki, Missoula, boy, Sept. 6

Mai Shoua Vang and Bong Thao, Missoula, boy, Sept. 7

Nicole Wright and Keegan Ortiz, Clinton, boy, Sept. 10

Jana M. Galloway and Joshua B. Sailas, Missoula, girl, Sept. 11

Megan and Dustin Jenkins, Missoula, girl, Sept. 13

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