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DUI conviction stockimage

Municipal Court

Shaun J. Airhart, 35, of Lolo

Andrew C. Ibey, 27, of Missoula

Steven McLaverty, 59, of Missoula, aggravated DUI

Mark A. Olson, 61, of Shelby

John Russell Porter, 23, of Missoula

Michael Christopher Stone, 28, of Lolo

Jase W. Styger, 29, of Missoula

Brenton F. Tartaglino, 22, of Missoula, per se

Paige E. Ulland, 32, of Missoula, per se

Joseph W. White, 31, of Charlo, per se

Austin D. Wright, 23, of Missoula

Justice Court

Angelina A. Bullbear, 22, of St. Ignatius

Shannon Michael Connolly, 48, of Missoula

Justin Orion Cummings, 31, of Missoula, aggravated DUI

James M. Deskins, 63, of Arlee, aggravated DUI

Arlyne Carl Dreyer, 58, of Missoula

Robert Rick Earling, 50, of Missoula, aggravated DUI

Ray Lamont Garrin, 30, of Missoula

Amanda Marie Kidd, 28, of Missoula

Raymond Guy McKinney, 42, of Seeley Lake

John Paul Yingling, 30, of Missoula

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