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DUI conviction stockimage

Municipal Court

Marcos RW Barbecastillo, 20, Missoula, per se

Dustin Francis Davis Bushell, 22, Missoula

Grant Michael Cooper, 31, Missoula, operating a noncommercial vehicle with a THC concentration of 5 ng/ml or greater

Randall J. Everybodytalksabout, 33, Missoula

Andrew Vern Harris, 23, Missoula, per se

Travor G. Houston, 20, Missoula

Frank Earl Lucas, 58, Frenchtown

Bradley Ray Shelton, 23, Missoula

Aarik M. Valvas, 39, Snohomish, Washington, per se

Justice court

Seamus Joseph Carr, 38, Missoula, aggravated DUI

Cody James Couture, 21, Moiese

Chad Eugene Eggers, 41, Missoula

Jeremy James Finnell, 38, Frenchtown, aggravated DUI

Ted V. Frame, 62, Missoula

Chase Donovan Hardee, 29, Missoula

Jason Andrew Straight, 44, Missoula

Camron Keith Tack, 25, Florence, per se

Mervyn Michael Wagner, 71, Bonner

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