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Jessica Louise Faye Peterson and Edward Hunter Hallmark, June 30

Adelle Celeste Watts and Joel Michael Daymud, June 23

Holly Marie Anderson and Samuel George Gratton, June 23

Vicky Lynn Hamma and Steven Leroy Harris, June 23

Jane Hallie Sheffer and Maxwell Kyle McGuire, June 23

Christina Elizabeth Louise Wallace and Andrew Alexander Alvarez, June 7

Mikayla Calvin Ahlin and Seth Alan Donnie Daw, June 14

Britni Ann Heckerman and Michael Scott Longdon, June 25

Taylor Michelle Newcomb and Katelin Autumn Anderson, June 16

Trevor John Hengel and Desiree Michelle Williams, June 22

Nicole Catherine Rykowsky and Justin T. Wurth, June 16

Stacy Leigh Bartlett and Brian James Braach, June 16

Austin William Walter and Micaela Mae Kettenring, June 9

Joseph Patrick Green and Karissa Mae Ramstead, June 30

Micah Larae Nielsen and Jessica Lora Morriss, June 23

David Edward Luke and Amy Marie Denton, June 29

Tyler Justin Grover and Stephanie Ann Crocker George, June 2

Corey Thomas Shaw and Elizabeth Katrina Licitra, June 20

Jared Alan Brown and Leann Nicole Athas, May 16

Brian George Freshour and Allison Georgina Hoeffliger, June 16

Morgan Brittaney Murray and Brandon Daniel Job, May 26

Shannon Marie Tillotson and Jason Joseph Moura, June 9

Samantha Chloe Johnson and Kolin David Hunton, May 27

Christopher O'Dell Harvey and Lillian Marie Freeman, June 15

Logan Nelson and Sierra Alayne Smith, June 23

Emma Ruth Poole and Matthew Robert Weitz, May 26

Tim Don Hitchcock and Brianna Marie Denman, June 9

Nicholas Joseph Hogan and Kelli A. Herman, June 16

Lindsey Lorraine Dorn and Kyle Ryan Murray, June 16

Joshua Phil Timbrook and Stacia Jenette Langley, June 15

Jordan Colt Mannel and Joseph Michael Kirby, June 9

Kaitlin Ann Breitbarth and Wesley Peter Darnell, June 9

Ashley Marie Griffith and Milton Pompilio Zhinin-Barreto, June 16

Ryan John Burke and Tifani Ann Zanto, June 22

William Anthony Scalise and Sarah Kay Davidson, June 30

Raleigh Wilson Hughes and Kelly Holland Cassidy, June 9

Nancy Kayser Stoverud and Richard Leonard Houldson, June 16

Heather Marie Lustgraff and Zachary Ryan Florence, June 9

Jasmine Makita Muneoka and Robert Gene Farrar, June 16

Shannon Alice Hawthorne and Myles Sternoff Beyer, June 9

Kathryn Jane Warren and Peter Anon Puczkowskyj, June 30

Lisa Marie Hagen and Matthew Kurt Mathiason, June 16

Alison Grace Sullivan and Dakota Charles Amy, June 16

Christopher Chisolm Qualls and Maria Otelia Mitman, June 16

Logan James Jacobson and Madison Deschene Olson, June 23

Shylynn Alice Brester and Shawn Timothy McArthur, June 16

Alexander Eric Kowalchik and Christine Renee Pepin, June 30

Britnee Jasmyne Jane Bell and Laura Kathleen Taylor, June 10

James Mitchell Sherman and Ashli Lee MacDonald, June 21

Gabriele Michal Keller and Ross Alan Eckstein, June 11

Rebecca Jean Brookbank and Dustin Thomas McCruden, June 23

Kelby Cedrick Grussling and Elizabeth Emiline Lichte, June 30

Bailey Shawn Holland and Matthew James Hardy, June 16

Lucas Jose Ogolla and Lindsey Christine Mosley, June 23

Douglas Matthew Zimmerman and Danita Jo Lampe, June 23

Elizabeth Rose Frost and Scott William Mylnechuk, June 23

Niqole Irene Roybal and Levi Everett Morris, June 23

Sean Ryan Mallow and Alyssa Lyunn Jiminez, June 16

Shelby Dawn Phillips and Nathan K. Schultz, June 16

Cassidy Nicole Dahle and Jesus Sonny Din, June 15

Miriam Ellen Baker and Taylor Evan Reynolds June 23

Carol Sue Plank and Candace Jane Atwood, June 26

Jason Michael Kearn Obendorf and Diana Marie Abbott, June 23

Jon Thomas Lee and Angela Lynn Bohlman, June 23

Kacey Ann Criswell and Jackson Brent Rowsell, June 23

Caleb Mark Huber and Andrea Nicole Pellini, June 22

Dylan Kai Edmunds and Taylor Nichole Kinsella, June 23

Daniel Adam Browling and Robin Michelle Turner, June 30

Anthony Edmond Rowden and Meghan Marie Yellowhair, June 22

Christopher Scott Mirro and Suzanne Ruth Williams, June 23

Danielle Elizabeth Maniere and Todd Benjamin Richey, (declaration)

Sandie Marie Rogers and Steve Kevin Wolf, June 21

Mackenzie Louise Savage and Barret Baker Sargent, June 23

Dennis Joseph Creel and Kathleen Darcy Slack, June 30

Lisa Rose Dallapiazza and Wyatt Allen Swentik, June 22

Claire Christie Battaglia and Almir Luiz Lopes, June 30

Riley Nicole Chilcoat and Eric Lamar Varnado (declaration)

Leila Ann Cooper and Seth Robert Smith, June 30

James Michael Schreder and Beth Ann Brauer, June 26

Travis Alan Gardner and Denise Carole Diehm, June 26

Ranae Baker Schulte and Bryan Hugh Hindman, June 28

Nereus Zacharias Brown and Jessica Marie McCay, June 30

Andrea Rae Woodahl and Pierre Robert Blouin, June 30

Jeffrey Michael Morkert and Alexandria Marie Lavers, July 1

Shonna Marie Roberts and Egverto Torres-Rodriguez, July 2

Zoe Josie Marie Walters and Christine Riesgo, July 2

Shannen Deanne Real and William Henry Gratz, July 5

Brigit Rose Johnson and Andrew Patrick Hossle, July 2

Alyse Marie Beauchamp and Michael Ray Last Star Sr., July 3

Jennifer Lee Nemec and Timothy Alan Rothe, July 3

Valerie K. Saffer and Ned Francis Vazquez, July 3

Colin Cummins Barnhill and Christine Anne Wettig, July 3

Corrick Allen Kuhl and Audrey Kitrena Nicole Wallace-Slater, July 5

Maria Frances Tatum and Charles Remmers Decker (declaration)

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