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Community of Faith: Finding your sacredness

Community of Faith: Finding your sacredness

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I was bobbing along in my float tube, fly rod in hand, half immersed in Georgetown Lake as the sun began to replace its heat with subtle hues of orange. I heard splashing behind me and turned to see twin bull moose yearlings running and splashing in the shallows of the lake, not 50 feet from where I floated. I watched them romp and splash as youngsters tend to do. As I watched them, I was in the presence of the Sacred.

One week prior to this, I was in a room where a young man had died well before his years should have ended. There was no family, only hospice staff and a couple of people from that facility. Someone called for prayer. As we stood in that room, some sad, some maybe uncomfortable, we were on sacred ground.

A couple stands before me, pledging their lives together in marriage. They are deeply in love and this is a day they have long anticipated but we know that that they are aware of a fraction of what it takes to sustain a lasting, creative and growing marriage. Nonetheless, this is their sacred moment and there is something holy afoot here.

A lesson that I seem to need to learn over and over again is that there is no certain place to find the Sacred in this world because the Sacred has no space. There are no walls that contain it. There are no strings attached to it. As long as there have been eyes to gaze in wonder at a starry sky, we have known how to find the Sacred. Since one human hand reached out to comfort one human heart, we have lived life in the presence of Sacredness.

What is sacred to you may not necessarily be what is sacred to me. You may find the Sacred primarily in the history and activity of your religious community and beliefs. If one person has come through a life of great pain and tragedy, what is Sacred to them may be very different from that of the person who has never known real spiritual injury in life, although both may clearly be in touch with where the Sacred is and what it means to them.

There is no limit to where the Sacred may be nor is there any moment in life when we might not encounter it or stumble into it. The Sacred is that which approaches us at the innermost parts of our hearts and minds. It is where the meaning of our lives and our faith collide. It is where doubts are still welcome.

When you are in worship in your faith community or when you are in the outdoors; when you are with children or when you are with older persons; when you look forward to the future with hope or when you look back at the good and the bad of your life, you are always only a breath away from the Sacred. It only takes the eyes of our hearts to see.

Dan Dixson is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He serves as Chaplain and Bereavement Specialist at Partners In Home Care Hospice. He can be reached at

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