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The Adventures of Clothman

An ancient Clothman proverb (one that's more than 2 weeks old) says: "Your life looks like your home." A home, whether cluttered or neat, organized or disheveled, is usually a good reflection of the personal lives of its inhabitants.

Today, I'm unveiling a companion proverb: "Your physical fitness reflects your spiritual fitness." No, I'm not talking about body types. I know God created us with as many different human bodies as auto manufactures have car bodies.

Me? I'm a classic 1957 'Tweener. I'm not fast or slow, big or small, strong or weak. I'm always somewhere in-between Š a 'Tweener. I don't store a spare tire on my waist; yet, my belly resembles a two-liter bottle of Pepsi more than a six pack. I'm not bald, but I sure have a long forehead.

A couple of weeks ago I completed another triathlon. That's where people, for some reason, choose to swim, bike and run all in one race. Of the 113 males in the event, I finished a sizzling 90th. Classic 'Tweener results.

So this proverb has nothing to with the type of body God gave you. It has everything to do with how you maintain that body. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I assert that the condition of your body very closely resembles the condition of your spirit.

I recently did a scientific study to confirm this mysterious connection between body and spirit: I interviewed The Gold Dust Twins at my local YMCA. I don't know how they got that name because they look as alike as Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, they are as consistent as rush-hour traffic with their daily workouts.

"How did you two develop such a consistent routine?"

"We started with a 12-week commitment to work out five days a week and loose a set amount of pounds. After we met our goals we didn't want to just slip back to where we started, so we kept going."

"Why? I mean, you could be at home watching soaps and munching Dilly Bars right now."

"At first we felt like we might be devoting too much time to exercise and neglecting our kids or our spiritual lives. But we've found we're much better moms, wives and Christians than we were before."

"Ah ha! So you'd say there is a connection between your body's fitness and your spiritual fitness?"

"Absolutely. In fact, the spiritual and emotional benefits of staying in shape outweigh the physical."

There you go Clothreaders. Scientific proof. Jesus said, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak" (Mark 14:38). It is very difficult to have a fit spirit, if it is encapsulated in a weak body. Just ask the Gold Dust Twins, or a 'Tweener like me.

Clothman is director of High Point Adventures, a network of Christian home groups. Visit him at Write him at: or P.O. Box 3561, Missoula 59806. Read Clothman's special message for all Missoulian readers at

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