Scott Swanson is proof that dreams do come true. He grew up in Glendive on Gibson Street, directly across from Howard’s Greenhouse. By 14, Scott was working at the greenhouse and dreaming of owning it one day. Scott and his future wife Lisa both served in the Marine Corps, and once their service was over, they were married and settled in Glendive. Circling back to that dream, the time was right for Scott and Lisa to purchase the greenhouse in October 2014.

Lisa envisioned a coffeehouse in the space previously used for arranging fresh flowers and bouquets. Knowing she didn’t have time, nor any background in the food service industry, she approached others in the community to gauge their interest in opening a coffee shop, but without success.

Lisa and Scott would jump through a few hoops with various potential partners before Terri Carney joined them as co-owner in October 2018. It's a match made in heaven, with Lisa executing her dreams, and Carney focused on finances and managing all aspects of the coffeehouse.

Initially, the greenhouse has been offering annuals from mid-April through May. Like her annuals, Lisa’s mind blooms with all sorts of ideas, one of which is eventually filling the greenhouse year-round with vegetables and herbs, both for customers to purchase and for use in the coffeehouse. She has entertained the idea of letting local craftspeople showcase their goods during the holidays, or perhaps a festival of trees affair during the Christmas season. The ideas keep tumbling out of this good-natured visionary.

One wall of the greenhouse is attached to the eatery. While I wasn’t there when the nursery was ablaze with annuals in bloom, I could imagine how nice it would be to sip on coffee with a colorful view into the greenhouse. I chuckled as Lisa quipped, “The smell of coffee and dirt is like a match made in heaven.”

I was getting hungry and ready to order lunch just about the time Lisa and Terri sat down to chat with me. Armed with boatloads of enthusiasm, the two of them started talking about the future of their operations.

It wasn’t only talk. They rolled out a blueprint of the outdoor space they are crafting for private parties and civic gatherings. Then it was show and tell, as they walked me out to see the progress of this addition, both of them describing how their ideas will be a plus for the community of Glendive. Landscaping is currently underway with the hope of having everything ready by early September.

Meanwhile, my stomach was growling so I focused on ordering a summer berry salad, the special of the day. Everything about the Bloom Coffeehouse & Eatery felt right — a mix of cozy and comfortable married with exceptional coffee and healthy breakfast and lunch offerings.

It’s a hangout for anyone needing to work, with Wi-Fi available. The baristas know their stuff. Terri spoke proudly of her staff — while many are high schoolers, 81-year-old Marlene Featherstone is part of her team. Terri continues to spice things up with additions to the menu, the newest being an acai super bowl, all organic. Soups are on tap during the winter months.

In addition to coffee drinks (including mocha, chai, miel and frappes), smoothies, Italian cream sodas, and tea served hot or cold are on the menu. For breakfast, customers have many choices, including a sausage breakfast burrito, breakfast pasty, Nola bowl, steel-cut oatmeal, and bagels with cream cheese. With lunch, there are always a variety of salads, wraps, sandwiches and homemade desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I returned to Bloom the next day for breakfast and had the good fortune of meeting Marlene. She served me their best-selling breakfast — steel-cut oats topped with fresh fruit, and took time to chat with me for a few minutes. She could not say enough nice things about Lisa and Terri and the opportunity to work for these energetic women.

There was a steady stream of customers, some choosing to dine on the tables outside. Others who ordered online dropped by to pick up their food and be on their way. There is no doubt Bloom Coffeehouse & Eatery is a wonderful addition to this eastern Montana community. Lisa, Scott and Terri have rightfully earned the respect of Glendive.

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Donnie Sexton, who retired in 2016 after a long career with the Montana Office of Tourism, currently freelances as a travel writer and photographer, covering destinations around the world.

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