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Cleaning Walls


Children have incredible imaginations. The world is their canvas. But sometimes that also means the wall is their canvas. Whether new crayon drawings seem to appear every week or your child uses the walls as a napkin for sticky hands, these solutions will help parents keep their walls clean.

For the Budding Artist

If your child just can’t seem to resist covering the walls in crayon or marker drawings, a stack of Magic Erasers should always be in your arsenal. Wetting the sponge and scrubbing the area will get out crayon, most markers, and even scuffs and grease stains.

For Stubborn Messes

If a Magic Eraser scrub down isn’t doing the trick, try a heavy-duty cleaner like Goof Off. This spray removes deep grease stains, sticky tape residue, latex paint, and gum—because if you have kids, you’ve probably had gum stuck to your walls at some point.

For a Top-Down Clean

Sometimes your walls just need a good top-to-bottom clean. If that’s the case, you’ll want to start by dusting your walls. If you clean your walls with dust on them, it ends up smearing around, leaving you with an even bigger mess. Then, use wet Swiffer Sweepers and wipe down the wall from top to bottom. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter the room looks without repainting.

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