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Summer is a beautiful time of year to be outside, but all those long walks with Fido might eventually lead to a horrifying discovery—finding fleas jumping around on your couch or carpet. If your dog brings home fleas this year, don’t panic. Just follow these steps to banish them from your home:

1) Get your dog on a flea preventative.

If your dog isn’t up to date on flea preventative medication, talk to your vet about an oral prescription, or opt for an over the counter preventative like Advantix to kill fleas at all life stages and prevent another infestation.

2) Wash bedding and blankets.

If you love giving your dog a cuddle in bed or on the couch, launder all bedding and blankets to get rid of fleas and eggs. A normal laundry detergent will be enough to kill any fleas on bedding.

3) Vacuum carpets and furniture.

To get rid of fleas in carpet or on furniture, thoroughly vacuum around the house. Using a handheld vacuum like this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser can help you get into hard to reach nooks and crannies on couches and chairs.

4) Spray surfaces with a flea killer.

After washing and vacuuming, kill any remaining fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs with this furniture safe flea and tick home spray by Vet’s Best. It uses plant-based ingredients to harm fleas without harming your family or dog.

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