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When you say the phrase “dog breath” everyone knows what you mean—that stale smell you get a whiff of every time your dog leans in to lick your face. But you don’t have to live with the stink. This water additive from Oxyfresh will help you banish your dog’s bad breath for good. Just be sure to check in with a veterinarian first to rule out underlying problems like cracked teeth or periodontal disease.

How It Works

This odorless, colorless water additive can be dropped into your pet’s water bowl to fight periodontal diseases, strengthen gum tissue, and fight bad breath every time they take a sip. The solution is veterinarian approved, 100% safe and non-toxic, and fights tarter and plaque. This water additive is a great option for dogs who are sensitive about brushing; while it’s always best to brush your dog’s teeth too, this additive can help fight some dental problems without the daily drama of holding your dog still while you scrub his molars.

Cost-Effective Dental Care

Compared to expensive dog dental chews, this 16-ounce bottle of Oxyfresh solution is an affordable way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Just add a cap of the solution to their drinking bowl daily to squash the stink.

Why Customers Love It

With over 1,000 reviews and 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this dental care solution has some devoted followers. One customer uses the solution for her senior cat who has chronic dental issues; she noticed a huge improvement in her breath and loved that the product went undetected in the water bowl. Another customer saw an overnight change in her dog’s breath and said the previous dead fish smell was gone for good after one day of use.

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