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Winds of Change Mental Health Center serves more than four hundred low-income, disabled adults and children with severe disabling mental illness and severe emotional disturbances. It is a recovery-oriented agency providing case management, therapy, adult group home services, group therapy, one-on-one community support, and peer support services to these clients in order to help them have their mental health as well as whole-person needs met. In the adult group homes, Winds of Change provides 24/7/365 supported living to 44 clients in Missoula County. Additionally, its has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit called the Wellness Institute of Montana Foundation, which supplies funding for mental health recovery-related needs that are not often funded by insurance or other funding sources.

See the individual needs below and if you are able to help or donate, please contact the individual case manager:

• A single working mother with health issues would like gift cards to buy presents for her children and make sure their needs are met (8-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy). She would be grateful for gift cards to help with haircuts, oil changes, movie tickets, Flying Squirrel Rec Center, gas cards, grocery card, a hot cocoa set (for the kids), Axe Appolo body wash set. Contact Darin at email at or 406-541-7673.

• A single mom with disabilities needs a working car, yoga mat and bolsters (anything yoga-related, books, etc). She also needs gift cards to have her and the children’s hair cut and styled. She could use winter clothing including women's winter snow boots tall, size 9 1/2; hoodies size XXL; women's long winter coat size XXL as well as a nice day planner to keep track of appointments. Contact Darin at email at or 406-541-7673.

• A single mom with disabilities is asking for presents for her children that could include any of the following: for 5-year-old boy — size 6/7 clothing, a tablet, craft supplies, Play-Doh, paint, construction paper, children’s scissors, stickers, Legos, Slime, remote-control dinosaur, blankets.

For the 13-year-old girl — Bath & Body Works gift card, soft cozy blankets, gift cards for the AMC movie theater, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories.

17-year-old boy — gift card for the AMC movie theater, Amazon gift card, or soft cozy blanket. 12-year-old boy — craft supplies, paint, white paper, paint brushes, Slime, Play-Doh, Cosmo robot. Contact Darin at email at or 406-541-7673.

• A single disabled mother of three young children hopes to have the following needs met for her family: Albertsons gift card for grocery shopping; snow boots for her children (girl’s size 1, girl’s toddler size 7, boy’s toddler size 7). Contact Darin at email at or 406-541-7673.

• A single dad with two boys ages 12 and 5 would like an Orange Street gift card for food shopping and Walmart Gift card for clothes. Contact Darin at email at or 406-541-7673.

• A low-income mother with disabilities needs an oven and stove appliance, of any size, that can be plugged into a 250v receptacle. She will gladly accept a used appliance. Contact Julia Bartos 425-894-6512 or

• A low-income mother with disabilities needs to pay Les Schwab Tires (at 2800 W. Broadway) $133.98 in order to purchase two Confidence C3 All Season tires, in order to safely drive to work and care for her children. Contact Julia Bartos 425-894-6512 or

• A low-income mother needs a large and medium non-stick frying pan, bath and hand towels, and two gift cards to ShopKo for her sons for $30 each. Contact Julia Bartos 425-894-6512 or

This is a partial list. See tomorrow's Missoulian for additional clients' needs. 

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