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My mother, Terry Reber, who passed away in October of 2006, left me with many of what she called pearls of wisdom. The one I think about the most, especially now that I have two teenagers (almost), is this one, "If you always tell the truth, you never have to worry about what you said."

- Sue Reber Orr

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

- Arlene Conant Heggen

Here is what I cherished most that my mother told me:

"Stand up tall with shoulders back. Always keep in mind what others around you need and always be proud of who you are."

- Gloria Shook Curdy

Whenever I said "It's not fair!" when I was a kid, mom's response was, "Honey, the only fair's in August."

That has always stuck with me. It's true, it's funny, and it helps to be reminded that we are not entitled to anything.

My mom is Louise Jones, a Missoulian since 1968.

- Heidi Kendall, daughter of Louise Jones

Our Mom, Doris LaRoque, is 97 years old and still living a very productive life. She has also shared some advice that was actually shared to her and her six siblings by her father, a successful North Dakota homesteader.

"If you don't need it, it's not on sale."

- David and Tammy LaRoque

The best and most enduring advice given me by my mother was: "Always remember the ‘please' and ‘thank you' with your husband, for as long as you are married."

That advice has served me well for more than 40 years.

- June Abramavage

The best advice my mother ever gave me ...

My husband and I wanted to move from Georgia to Montana, but I was anxious. When I asked my mom for advice about being anxious, she told me, "You are married to your husband. Go, be with your husband - he is your new family." I hope that I can be as supportive of my kids as my mom is of me. Since moving, I am now even closer to my mom than ever before. I love her and want to be the kind of mom to my kids that she is to me.

- Yvonne Gavigan

"Stay in college." After three months at Washington State University, I was homesick. Mom (Claudine Spencer) said, "Stay until the end of the semester." By then I had so many friends and social activities, I stayed to graduate and have enjoyed my many years of teaching home economics to middle- and high-school students (most recently in Victor).

- JoAnne Stewart

In Loving memory of my Mother, Alice (Lohman) McLean 1928-2001

There are two huge pieces of advice my mother taught me from a very young age that have guided me throughout my life.

Treasures and powerful things both come in small packages, such as diamonds and dynamite. Being small in stature, I always was first in line at school and frequently clowned with or harassed. My mother's lesson was you do not need to be big to be valuable or important and that like dynamite you can be compact but still be very powerful and a force to be reckoned with.

To be successful in anything you do in

life requires that you learn to be diplomatic.

Being diplomatic was taught to me as having

my own principles and being respectful enough

to understand others' needs and concerns

and knowing how to compromise without surrendering your own values and principles.

- Mike McLean

Both my mother and I always liked this expression: "Das machts nichts." It's German and means "It matters not." It's a handy phrase when mired in detail. My mother was of German heritage, and also studied the German language in school. Amazing acrobatic feat: When my sisters and I were young girls, our mom would amaze us by standing on her head.

- Nancy Zadra

I grew up in Missoula, and when I would leave the house, my mother would say, "Be a good boy, Charlie."

- Charlie Zadra

Advice that has stuck with me all my life, and I can hear her say it each time I leave the house, "A proper lady does not leave the house without a hat and gloves." Now, as those who know me know, I never leave the house without one of my many hats, but alas, I am only "half proper." I hate gloves. Sorry Mum.

- Joy Aquino

The best advice I ever got from my mom was "go to the bathroom now while you have a chance." It has always served me well.

- Samantha Hines

My mother was not big on advice. The only one I really remember is, "Don't walk barefoot in the gutter or you'll get worms." It has actually been surprisingly good advice.

- Linda Otway

My Mom always told me to wear good clean underwear just in case I got in an accident and had to go to the hospital.

- Bernadine Laursen

My Mom taught me that a firm handshake and eye contact go a long way. She was right.

- Scott Smith

My Mom always says, "If you don't love you, nobody will."

- Monica Jae

My mom regarding the kitchen: "You have to clean up as you go along. Do not wait till it all stacks up." And, as a bonus, this advice transfers to every other area of life.

- Kimberly West Deschene

I have one bit of advice my grandmother gave me when I was 13. I was having trouble with my mom and she had told me to be a little bit more compassionate with her and try to understand her a little more. I loved my Grandmother.

- Kathleen Chabotte

I don't remember that my Mother gave me any explicit advice, but she was a living example for us. I knew that she wanted me to do and be my best at all times. She was and still is a devout Christian. She was very involved in volunteer activities and instilled that mindset in us. Even though she is in assisted living at 96 years old, she still has some telephone duties for her church. I am still so lucky to have her and ask for advice quite regularly, thanks to low charges for telephone calls. She lives out of state but continues to be a living example of how it is to grow older gracefully. I hope I can live up to her example.

- Shirley M. Bartlett

The best advice my mother ever gave me ...

I have a handwritten message from my mom, Anna Anderson Powell (1888-1977)

"Set a goal. If you have no goal and aim at nothing, you will hit it every time."

My mother was fifth in a family of eight children, the first child born in America after her parents came from Sweden to find a better life for their family. My grandparents homesteaded near Aladdin, Wyo. (about 25 mi. from Belle Fourche, S.D.). The family all learned to speak English. The children attended a country school. They rode a horse, as many as could stay on. When one slid off, he/she ran around and got on in front. As each child finished grade school, they attended Normal School at Spearfish, S.D. Each one was expected to support the next one so they could finish Normal School, too. The girls all became teachers and taught in nearby schools. The one boy learned the carpenter trade and was very good at it.

- Ruth Baxter

My mother, Ardelle Brager, taught me to always wear a dress or skirt and blouse to church every Sunday or whenever I was at church for whatever the function. She always said, "You're going into the house of the Lord Jesus Christ and you should dress for Him - you wear your best for God." That has stayed with me all my life. I'm in my 60s now and still abide by what my mother taught me. I still dress up to attend church. What really blesses me is that my husband, Fred Roehl, wears his best also.

- Lynn Brager Roehl

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

- Rod Newman

My mother was a real Southern lady. She died when I was 39, in 1981.

At some time when I was a child, I remember her telling me the following, "When you're married, if your husband asks you to iron his shirts, burn the first one." Luckily, my husband ironed his own shirts, and then someone invented permanent press.

The other really useful bit of advice she gave me was to always have my own money that I didn't have to account for to anyone.

- Cynthia "Cyndy" Aten

The best advice my mother gave me, which she said came from my grandmother:

"Love many, trust few;

Always paddle your own canoe."

- Joan Boyer Newman

"Be good to people. Don't hurt them. Respect them. Give them a hug a day and tell them that you love them very much. Every day of your life." She was a very beautiful mother and woman.

- Lorrie Mitchell Adams

"When you are in doubt, don't do it."

Worked for me all these years and I'm 67.

- Judy Kelley

Mom always told me that "you're judged by the company you keep." I live in Minnesota now, but Missoula was always home.

- Ron Meaney

"Always keep your credit record clean." Mom was a credit manager at a large department store.

- Doreen Pierson

"Look for the beauty in others, but don't compare your beauty to theirs. See the beauty in yourself, because you are beautiful."

Esther Braden, mother and grandmother

- Noel Shannon

"When raising children, remember: Don't do for one that you can't do for all of them."

- Betty Schmarje

"Be patient with people. They're trying as hard as they can right now."

- Dorothy Shannon

My mother's advice taught me, "If you don't like it, do it yourself." Don't get me wrong, our family still laughs about it and we love mom very much, but her cooking was the worst! I have memories of cube steak you couldn't chew and lima beans tasting of freezer burn. Thanks to mom, I have learned over the years to entertain the palate rather than punish it. I am very fortunate to still have my parents, both into their 80s. When I asked dad if he had any secrets for his longevity, he replied, "We eat out." Happy Mother's Day, mom, and please stay out of the pantry. Love, Bill.

- Bill Eckloff


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