No grocery shopping, no chopping, no cooking, no cleaning – dining out is an all-around treat. Missoulians are lucky to host a number of fine food choices in our fair city. You’re certain to find a good filler-upper, whatever craving or occasion comes up.


Get your meal started off right with the best appetizers in town.

1. Jakers Bar and Grill

2. Tamarack Brewing Co.

3. The Top Hat

Jakers Bar and Grill

Jaker’s Bar and Grill.


For a taste of the east while residing in the west, Missoulians say that these restaurants are the best.

1. Mustard Seed Asian Cafe

2. Kobe Seafood and Steak House

3. Iza Restaurant


Carbs, glorious carbs. For a sweet treat or savory roll, these local bakers can cater to the carbiest of cravings.

1. Black Cat Bake Shop

2. Bernice’s Bakery

3. Le Petit Outre


There’s more to bar food than peanuts and pretzels. Get a hearty appetizer or full-on meal while getting your drink on at one of these watering holes.

1. Thomas Meagher Bar

2. Tamarack Brewing Co.

3. The Top Hat

Thomas Meagher Bar

Thomas Meagher Bar.


Mornings in Missoula would be a lot more grumpy if not for these fabulous baristas serving up caffeinated beverages to the masses.

1. Carly - Black Cat Bake Shop

2. Bri Pollock - Loose Caboose

3. Megan Harbaugh - Direct TV Coffee Bar


They’re your Woody, Moe or Guinan when you need a bit of humanity served along with that double well drink.

1. Ryan - KettleHouse Brewing Co.

2. Selah - Jakers Bar and Grill

3. Jake Hensley - Sunrise Saloon and Casino


Get your vodka, vitamins and victuals all in one glass with a superb Bloody Mary from one of Missoula’s best.

1. Tamarack

2. Jakers

3. Montana Distillery


If you want to have a good day, a good breakfast is never a bad start. Get your morning off on the right foot at these voters’ top picks for the primary meal.

1. Paul’s Pancake Parlor

2. The Catalyst Cafe

3. The Shack


Considering that Montana ranks second nationally for breweries per capita, there’s a plethora of choices for best brewery. But these three are the voters’ picks for this year.

1. Draught Works

2. KettleHouse

3. Missoula Brewing Company - Highlander


It’s not quite breakfast, and it’s not quite lunch, but boy is it delicious!

1. Burns Street Bistro

2. The Old Post

3. The Catalyst Cafe


Nothing beats a classic burger, except maybe adding on some fries.

1. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2. Missoula Club

3. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers


Repeat favorite Taco Del Sol has all you could ever want from a burrito, plus beer!

1. Taco Del Sol

2. El Diablo

3. Taco Sano


These top chefs are the voters’ choice for culinary perfection in Missoula.

1. Pearl Cash - The Pearl Cafe

2. Billy Metzger - The Top Hat

3. Bob Marshall - Biga Pizza


Some folks just can’t function without their daily java, and we wouldn’t want to cross them if they tried. With four Missoula locations, this year’s top pick has got caffeine covered.

1. Florence Coffee Company

2. Loose Caboose

3. Black Coffee Roasting Company


Nothing like a quick bite at the ol’ deli counter for a satisfying lunch.

1. Tagliare Delicatessen

2. The Good Food Store

3. Worden’s Market & Deli

Tagliare Delicatessen

Tagliare Delicatessen


For tip-top desserts, Big Dipper takes the lead. Great cones, and so much more, oh boy!

1. Big Dipper Ice Cream

2. Mustard Seed Asian Cafe

3. Black Cat Bake Shop


When you want more bang in your beverage, head to one of Missoula’s favorite distilleries.

1. Montgomery Distillery

2. The Montana Distillery

3. Rattlesnake Creek Distillers


Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name.

1. Charlie B’s

2. Al’s & Vic’s Bar

3. Silver Dollar Bar / Sunrise Saloon and Casino (tie)


Step away from the ramen and fill your belly up with something better, but still within budget.

1. Five on Black

2. Taco Del Sol

3. Costco Wholesale


Ready to spend some extra bucks on something extra nice? These restaurants are the voters’ picks for culinary indulgence.

1. The Pearl Cafe

2. The Depot

3. Scotty’s Table

The Pearl Cafe

The Pearl Cafe


When you need a higher octane than plain coffee can provide, try one of these top espresso joints.

1. Loose Caboose

2. Florence Coffee Company

3. Black Coffee Roasting Company


Gather up the clan and let someone else take over the hassle of family meal preparation.

1. The Montana Club

2. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

3. Paul’s Pancake Parlor


For the culinary crème de la crème of Missoula, voters chose these restaurants for best fine dining.

1. The Pearl Cafe

2. The Depot

3. Jakers Bar and Grill


For mobile munchies, chase down one of Missoula’s favorite food trucks.

1. El Cazador

2. Dobi’s Teriyaki

3. Tia’s Big Sky


Enjoy the happy hour specials at these top purveyors of fine spirits.

1. Jakers Bar and Grill

2. Plonk

3. The Top Hat


The average American eats 90 wings per year, and the average Missoulian likes to fill their quota at these top spots.

1. Desperado Sports Tavern

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. Thomas Meagher Bar


You can tell that a town really loves its ice cream when folks are willing to line up outside during a Montana winter to grab a frozen treat.

1. Big Dipper Ice Cream

2. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

3. Cold Stone Creamery

Big Dipper Ice Cream

Big Dipper Ice Cream


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a-time to eat Italian.

1. Ciao Mambo

2. Romeo’s Italian Kitchen

3. Caffè Dolce


President Gerald Ford once said, “The three-martini lunch is the epitome of American efficiency.” Maximize your output by inputting a tasty martini from one of these top spots.

1. Plonk

2. Montana Distillery

3. Jakers Bar and Grill


Nachos, tamales, enchiladas, oh my! Fill up on the best Mexican food in town.

1. Fiesta En Jalisco

2. El Cazador

3. Tia’s Big Sky


Don’t you forget about the new culinary options to try in Missoula!

1. The Poke Sushi Bowl

2. The Breakfast Club

3. MOD Pizza


For the best in back-to-the-earth products, check out these voters’ choices for the best selection of organic food.

1. The Good Food Store

2. Huckleberry’s Natural Market - Rosauers Food and Drug

3. Missoula Fresh Market


Grab a bite along with a breath of fresh air at one of these top spots for outdoor dining.

1. Iron Horse Bar & Grill

2. Plonk

3. Finn & Porter / Jakers Bar and Grill (tie)


A good pizza crust is a blank canvas, ready to please your palate with any number of delectable toppings. Meet your masterpiece at Missoula’s choicest pizza parlors.

1. Biga Pizza

2. Bridge Pizza

3. MacKenzie River Pizza

Biga Pizza

Biga Pizza


With water glasses that are never empty, coffee that’s never cold, and smiles all the while, these folks know how to provide great customer service.

1. Jakers Bar and Grill

2. The Montana Club

3. Thomas Meagher Bar


When you want to see the whole, sprawling Missoula valley light up before you as the sun sets vibrantly in the west, there’s no better perch than the view from the The Keep.

1. The Keep Restaurant

2. Finn & Porter

3. Lolo Peak Brewing Company


Go for the green at these top salad spots.

1. The Good Food Store

2. Jakers Bar and Grill

3. MacKenzie River Pizza


There’s a lot of ways to make a great sandwich. Find your perfect pick at one of these vendors.

1. Tagliare Delicatessen

2. Staggering Ox

3. Doc’s Sandwich Shop


Treat yourself for a change and make a self-date to grab a bite solo.

1. Taco Del Sol

2. Five on Black

3. Noodles Express / The Good Food Store (tie)

Taco Del Sol

Taco Del Sol


Warm up with a tasty chowder, rustic rice, or smooth tomato soup at any of these great servers.

1. Jakers Bar and Grill

2. The Good Food Store

3. 4B’s Restaurant


How many TVs does it take to watch all the hot games? According to some fans, it’s never enough.

1. Tamarack Brewing

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. Desperado Sports Tavern / Press Box Sports Bar (tie)


You can’t get much more Montana than a big, juicy slab of steak. Sate your inner carnivore with a hunk of meat from one of these restaurants.

1. Lolo Creek Steak House

2. Jakers Bar and Grill

3. The Montana Club


It’s good to have goals. And if that goal is inebriation, belly up to these bars for the stiffest pours in town.

1. Montgomery Distillery

2. Al’s & Vic’s Bar

3. Charlie B’s


For the freshest fish that this land-locked state has to offer, choose from these top sushi spots.

1. Sushi Hana

2. Kobe Seafood And Steak House

3. Nara Korean BBQ & Sushi


Some nights there’s no time for shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning, so call in some take out and skip straight ahead to enjoying the meal.

1. Five on Black

2. Mustard Seed Asian Cafe

3. MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

Five on Black

Five on Black


For thousands of years, tea was only used medicinally. Luckily for us modern folk, it’s now a regularly available and socially acceptable way to unwind.

1. Lake Missoula Tea

2. Butterfly Herbs

3. Montana Tea & Spice


When only the swankiest drinks will do, head to one of these upscale bars.

1. Plonk

2. The Top Hat

3. The Depot


All the taste without any of the animal.

1. The Good Food Store

2. Masala

3. Five on Black


Red, white or cider, these local wineries leave nothing to be desired.

1. Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery

2. Western Cider

3. Missoula Winery

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