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A drunk-driving stop Sunday night turned into a melee with three hurt law officers and a broken jail van window, according to court papers.

Joseph Zachary Schiel, 20, Missoula, appeared in Missoula County Justice Court Monday afternoon. He faces three felony counts of assault on a peace officer and misdemeanor counts of DUI, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

According to court affidavits, Montana Highway Patrol Officer Jason Hildenstab saw Schiel's truck weaving on Interstate 90 Sunday night. Hildenstab pulled Schiel over at the interchange with Highway 93 and ordered Schiel to take a field sobriety test. Schiel "had trouble with his balance, falling backwards against his truck at one point" Hildenstab told the court. Schiel also refused to give a breath sample.

But when Hildenstab tried to arrest Schiel for DUI, the two got in a fight. Hildenstab tried to handcuff Schiel, but Schiel resisted and the two men rolled off the right shoulder into the ditch. Hildenstab radioed for help and was eventually able to get Schiel in a headlock and subdue him, the affidavit said. Schiel then allegedly started threatening Hildenstab and his family.

Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy Joe McNeal arrived to help. Schiel allegedly spit on him and threatened his family as well. McNeal reported that he had dealt with Schiel in the past and was concerned Schiel "could potentially carry out his threats."

When the two officers tried to get Schiel into a patrol car, Schiel allegedly kicked McNeal, resulting in one of the felony charges. He then tried kicking a window out, the affidavit said. The officers called for a jail van to transport Schiel.

Schiel had to be carried into the van because he refused to walk, the affidavit said. Once inside, he allegedly kicked another officer, resulting in another felony charge. The third stemmed from his original fight with Hildenstab.

In the van, Schiel kicked and damaged its rear window. The affidavit said he was so combative at the jail, officers skipped the booking process and put him in a restraining chair in the maximum security unit.

Justice of the Peace John Odlin set Schiel's bail at $50,000 Monday afternoon.

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