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BILLINGS (AP) - Police on Saturday identified a man who died in a stabbing at his house.

The body of George Walter Johnson Jr., 59, was found early Friday in the trailer where he lived. Neighbors had called police to report a disturbance there.

Officers have arrested Johnson's roommate, Irene Elise Brant, 41, on suspicion of murder.

"Basically from what I understand right now, they were roommates," said Sgt. Mark Cady. "I don't think there was any love interest."

An autopsy is scheduled Monday. Cady would not say whether a weapon had been recovered.

BILLINGS (AP) - Ingrid Gustafson is scheduled to be sworn in Monday as a judge in the 13th Judicial District here _ whether she has a gavel or not.

Gustafson, 43, was appointed by Gov. Judy Martz on Nov. 21 to replace District Judge Diane Barz, who retired.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Karla Gray will conduct the swearing-in ceremony Monday afternoon at the Yellowstone County Courthouse.

Gustafson will be paid an annual salary of $88,164, and will have to seek re-election in November.

In addition to wrapping up her cases at her law office, Gustafson said she had to find a robe and gavel.

A search of the Internet found numerous judge robe shopping sites, but she's still looking for a gavel.

"I don't have one," said Gustafson. "I could pound my fist, I guess."

GREAT FALLS (AP) _ Former Cascade County Commissioner Gayle Morris is appealing the state's automatic six-month suspension of his driver's license after he was arrested for drunken driving on Dec. 21.

Morris' license was taken after he refused to take sobriety tests on the road and at the jail.

In his appeal, Morris argues that the officer did not have probable cause to arrest him. The argument is the same he used to get a May 1999 drunken driving charge dismissed.

A hearing will be scheduled in district court after a judge accepts the case.

Typically, a judge will grant a petitioner a temporary license while the appeal works its way through the court, Morris' attorney, Ken Olson, said Friday.

The five-day temporary driving permit Morris was issued at the time of his arrest has expired. Morris, 57, said he needs to be able to drive to pick up supplies and conduct other business for the bar he owns.

Morris, also a former Great Falls mayor, pleaded not guilty Dec. 29 in municipal court to first-offense drunken driving and to reckless driving. His trial is May 7.

He was arrested about 3:30 a.m. by officer Travis Palmer, who said Morris was weaving down a Great Falls street and nearly hit a median. Palmer also said Morris smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and red, watery eyes.

BILLINGS (AP) _ While visitors to ZooMontana shivered, TJ the 475-pound Siberian tiger lounged in the snow and subzero wind chill temperatures.

"This is fabulous weather for them," senior animal keeper Debra Harris, said of TJ and Nadia, the zoo's other tiger. "The colder it is, the more comfortable they are."

TJ, who has been one of the main attractions at ZooMontana, is leaving for the St. Louis Zoo in the next few weeks for breeding purposes. TJ's exact departure date is unknown, so zoo staff dedicated the weekend to the zoo's unofficial mascot.

"Though it's difficult to say goodbye, we're very grateful he's been part of ZooMontana for eight years," Harris said Saturday.

TJ, who is 11 years old, is ranked fifth on the Species Survival Plan breeding list for Siberian tigers, Harris said. Siberian tigers, which live an average of 17 to 20 years, are an endangered species.

To maintain the diversity of the gene pool, a panel of experts regulates breeding of Siberian tigers by deciding which tigers should breed and when.

After four years of unsuccessful breeding with Nadia, TJ is being partnered with a 2-year-old female tiger at the St. Louis Zoo. That tiger is No. 2 on the breeding list.

Nadia won't be alone for long.

Prince, a "very social, well-trained tiger" from a New York zoo, is expected to come to ZooMontana within the next couple of months, Harris said.

GLASGOW, Mont. (AP) - A Cessna airplane missing since New Year's Day crashed about 25 miles southwest of here, killing all four on board, Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said Sunday.

"There were killed on impact," said Meier. He said about a dozen people planned to go to the crash site Monday to recover the bodies.

The plane was spotted from the air at about 3:15 p.m. Sunday by an aircraft flying out of Glasgow, and the pilot confirmed the tail number, said Debbie Alke, with the Helena office of the Montana Aeronautics Division.

The plane, a single-engine Cessna 182, was flown by Cut Bank car dealership owner Bill Newman, 45, and carried his sons Lance, 14, and Ray, 24, and Ray's fiancee Jessica Grode, 21, of Ipswich, S.D.

Newman flew to Mobridge, S.D., to pick up Grode and was returning to Cut Bank Thursday when he radioed that he was encountering stormy conditions southeast of Glasgow about 6:30 p.m. in the rugged region near Fort Peck Reservoir, officials said.

Meier said snowplows plan to leave Monday morning to plow about 15 miles of county road "to get within a reasonable distance," of the crash site. "We've got a snow cat coming in that we're going to go on site with," he said.

Meier flew over the crash site Sunday afternoon and said the plane was partially covered with snow.

"It's a miracle the guy saw it," he said. "The guy that spotted it, he thought about it for a little while, and asked the pilot to turn around. The plane's white, the snow's white. It was tough to see flying over it when we knew where it was."

The high temperature in Glasgow Sunday was minus 20 degrees, the National Weather Service reported.

Planned air searches on Friday and Saturday were grounded by bad weather, but a break in the weather allowed 13 planes to take to the skies on Sunday, along with a helicopter from Malmstrom Air Force Base, Alke said.

The Malmstrom helicopter also flew over the crash site and reported seeing much debris, Alke said.

Newman, who owns the plane, earned his pilot's license when he was in high school, and was recertified to fly in September 2003 after a 20-year lapse, said his wife, Debbie Newman.

A Federal Aviation Administration official said the plane was believed equipped with an emergency locator beacon, but no signal was picked up.

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