A bachelor party turned violent Thursday night when the groom-to-be allegedly sexually assaulted and punched a woman in a bar, then attacked a bartender and head-butted a police officer.

Jordan Bryant Iddings, 24, of Frenchtown, was taken to the Missoula County Detention Facility on a host of charges, including felony assault on a peace officer. Five other members of his bachelor party were arrested on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and obstructing police officers.

The carousing began Thursday evening when members of the raucous group became unruly at the Hooters on North Reserve Street and incited fights with several bar patrons, according to charging records filed in Missoula County Justice Court. The Hooters staff called police to have the men removed, but because nobody was willing to press charges the officer admonished the men not to return. The officer also warned that if they caused trouble at any Missoula bars they would be arrested for disorderly conduct.

The bachelor party attendees had hired a valet limo service to chauffeur them around town to various bars, and shortly before midnight the group made its way to the Bodega Bar on Ryman Street. Once inside, according to the records, Iddings allegedly groped a woman who was standing at the bar, and the woman slapped him in the face, records state. Iddings then punched her square in the face with a closed fist and was kicked out of the bar.


The group then converged on nearby Red's Bar and immediately began causing trouble. The men were clearly intoxicated, but when the bartending staff tried forcing them to leave, the party members began fighting, the charging papers said. One bartender was forced to the ground as numerous individuals hit him, while others rooted them on.

"Hit him more, he is still conscious, put him out," the group chanted, according to charging papers.

Police were called and responded to the scene, but the disturbance carried on for an hour, during which time Red's Bar employees were forced to lock the doors to keep the members of the bachelor party from coming back inside. Even after police arrived, the men continued their "combative behavior" and tried to prevent officers from making arrests.

Witnesses told police that Iddings, who was shouting profanities, had been a primary aggressor, and officers spotted a group of his friends trying to push Iddings into a parking garage across the street and calm the man down. When the police officers aproached Iddings, however, he continued to yell curses, records state.

One officer tried reasoning with Iddings, but he continued to yell and be aggressive. When police tried to arrest him for disorderly conduct, a group of his friends crowded around the officers and argued that they couldn't arrest Iddings because it was his bachelor party. The officers had to physically push the group back several times, according to court papers, and finally drew pepper spray, but did not use the chemical.


As the officers walked Iddings to a patrol car, he suddenly lunged at a sergeant and head-butted him, striking the officer's right temple with his forehead. He then smiled and said "good bitch" and "I have a good lawyer," records state.

As the melee died down, police interviewed the limo driver, William Hennefer, who said the bachelor party was out of control, and the men were trying to fight "anyone who got in their way," records state. Hennefer said he pulled out a digital camera and recorded the fracas when he saw the men fighting with bartenders inside Red's, and intended to give the video to police as evidence.

A man in a striped shirt, later identified as Ryan Schnabl, 24, spotted Hennefer with the camera and ran toward him, records state. Schnabl grabbed Hennefer by the neck and punched him in the side of the head and took the camera away.

"The entire bachelor party then moved towards Hennefer in an aggressive manner," records state. "He was afraid that the male and his mob of friends were going to kill him and pulled a small revolver. He said he was so afraid he almost pulled the trigger. He ordered the group away from him until the police arrived."

Hennefer had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police say.

Police could not find the camera even though another man, Cody Iddings, told an officer that he knew where the camera was located. He refused to tell the officer where it was, however, saying, "I'm not telling you, you (expletive)," records state.

Jordan Iddings was released from jail Friday afternoon after posting $50,000 bail. He has multiple DUI convictions dating back to 2005.

Reporter Tristan Scott can be reached at 523-5264 or at tscott@missoulian.com.


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