With the proliferation of black bears making the rounds in Missoula, a video posted on YouTube is a must-watch to see how easy it is for bruins to get into a car in search of snacks.

The video, which was posted by the bi-weekly newspaper Explore Big Sky, shows a black bear using its paw to open the car door, climb in and start to rummage around. It jumps out of the car when its butt hits the horn, but it goes back inside a moment later.

The bear emerges with a food bar and sits in the driver's seat, peeling away the wrapper before munching on it. When finished, the bear drops the wrapper, leaves the car door open, and moseys down the road.

Gov. Steve Bullock posted the video to his Facebook page Thursday morning with a pertinent message: 

"In Montana, we do late night snacks a little differently. Be bear aware everyone!"

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