To commemorate its new name, Clearwater Credit Union has teamed up with Imagine Nation Brewing Co. to brew a specialty beer — and pass on profits to the Missoula Home Coalition.

Housing in Missoula is increasingly out of reach for many residents, and the Missoula Home Coalition is a group working to improve options for people who need help buying or renting in the community.

On Sept. 3, the former Missoula Federal Credit Union began operating as Clearwater Credit Union. To celebrate the change, Imagine Nation hosts a launch party for the limited run hazy India Pale Ale called A Thirst for Home from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5.

"We congratulate the City of Missoula— including the mayor, (Missoula) City Council and Office of Housing and Development — for their efforts to strengthen our community through homes people can afford to rent or buy," said Jack Lawson, president and CEO of Clearwater Credit Union, in a statement.

"The work of engaged, educated citizens is also critically important in this effort, and we’re happy to play our small part in supporting Missoula Home Coalition’s efforts in this work."

Fernanda Krum, owner of Imagine Nation, said she anticipates beers will be on grocery shelves Friday and that sales will put $4,000 to $5,000 toward housing needs in Missoula. The brewery plans to start canning the beer 8 a.m. Thursday and deliver it to grocers in the afternoon.

The canning is a first for Imagine Nation. Krum said Clearwater Credit Union selected Imagine Nation as a partner because of their shared value to give back to community.

"They though it was a great partnership between two businesses, a celebration through the beer to benefit a cause that was important for Missoula," Krum said.

Clearwater Credit Union is paying for the beer and the canning, and Imagine Nation is brewing the hazy IPA, said Spider McKnight, on behalf of the financial institution.

"We're working with Worden's Market, Pattee Creek Market, Orange Street Food Farm and Good Food Store, all of which have agreed to sell this limited run of beer and give every cent of the profit to the Home Coalition," McKnight said.

As planned, roughly 250 four-packs of 16-ounce cans should be available, and the packs will sell for $14. (McKnight said stores are not marking up the beer.) 
A couple of kegs of beer also will available on tap, but only at the Thursday launch party.
"Everyone is welcome to the event," McKnight said in an email. "If they can’t make it but want to donate, they can text '4Home' to 44321."

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