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Fortunate breaks help fuel school's newspaper
Frenchtown High School's new student newspaper, The Break, gets a critique from some of the faculty members and students involved in its creation. From left are Kathy Notaro, adviser; Megan Wood, co-president; Kellie Jones, writer; Elizabeth Delaney, adviser; and Kara Docherty, are co-president.

Faculty, students cooperate to push Frenchtown High's newspaper to the presses

Establishing a newspaper in a small school of 360 students is certainly a challenge.

Unsure of how many students will buy a newspaper, what will interest the students, and how much to charge per paper were the questions on everyone's minds.

In the beginning, we had simply discussed the possibility of starting a newspaper at Frenchtown High School. And one day, everything clicked.

Megan Wood talked to the principal, who in turn talked to the school board, and the ball started rolling.

We then held a meeting to see if anyone would be interested in being on the newspaper staff. To our surprise, many turned out for the meeting and the newspaper journey began.

Our first order of business was to raise money with a bake sale to pay for the cost of paper. Megan Wood then bought the paper and beats were assigned, and it was confirmed that the first newspaper, The Break, would appear the next week. Three weeks later and still going strong, we feel The Break is a huge success. But actually creating a new newspaper every week is not as easy as it may sound.

The Break has been a real learning experience. It is surprising the amount of work even this small publication requires. Yet deciding to publish a small paper every week was definitely the right decision.

First, beats must be assigned. This process can be very frustrating, as everyone wants a topic assigned as well, rather than just a general area. When all articles are retrieved, they must be typed into a computer and printed for the editors to comb through.

While the editors are doing their job, a layout is created. After receiving the revised copies of the articles, changes are made to the stories within the layout and the templates are printed.

Within the paper, readers can find general interest articles, technology info, an advice column, games, humor, quotes, poems, stories, comics, classifieds and more. Everything in The Break is student driven. The content is submitted by the students for the students.

Aside from the students, several other people have made huge contributions to this production. Principal Mr. (Jon) Fimmel has been nothing but supportive throughout the entire process, and without him, this would not have come together.

Also Mrs. (Elizabeth) Delaney, the Spanish teacher, and Mrs. (Kathy) Notaro, one of the English teachers, have acted as advisers and editors. They volunteer much of their time to helping us.

Everyone who paid for an ad is also greatly appreciated. This includes Bronc's Grocery, the International Wildlife Film Festival and the Wild Bunch floral and garden house.

Due to the fact that Kara Docherty and I, the co-presidents, are both seniors and will not be back next year, we have found two responsible and trustworthy students to takeover. J.C. Baldwin, sophomore, and Megan Reed, junior, will act as next year's co-presidents and are already in the training process.

Both girls are very excited about taking over and we are very excited to have them on board. Hopefully, The Break will be a legacy left by the class of 2003. We are excited to anticipate its progress in the years to come!

If you are interested in placing an ad in our paper, all you need to do is call Frenchtown High School, 626-5222, and ask for Megan Wood or Kara Docherty.

Seniors Megan Wood and Kara Docherty are co-presidents of Frenchtown's student newspaper, The Break.

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