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Welcome to Florence-Carlton School’s Peanuts gallery

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Welcome to Florence-Carlton School’s Peanuts gallery
Left to right: Davey Jane Stevens, Lauren Baeten, Brandon Davis, Hannah Porch, Jacob Deschamps, Caje Golden

Greetings! As an annual event, the transitional first-grade class and the first- and second-grade combination class at Florence-Carlton School in Florence get together to learn about the Peanuts comic strip and gain appreciation for the man who created it all, Charles Schultz. The children have loved this week of activities. They were able to choose their favorite Peanuts character, produce creative drawing assignments, make a Snoopy to hang on the wall and write letters to the Schultz family. We also enjoyed a Peanuts video and shared books. Good grief, we sure had fun this week. It was Snoopendous!

– Lisa Verlanic, transitional first grade, and Karla Crawford, first- and second-combination class

We like the Peanuts gang!

Ask us why?

Because …

I like Snoopy because he makes it funny. ELIZA GUYAZ

I like Snoopy because it's funny when he slams Woodstock into the birdhouse. JADA HUNSUCKER

I like Charlie Brown because he looks funny. BROOKELYNN LARKIN

I like Sally because she is pretty. ISABELLE PORTNER

I like Snoopy because he is friendly and funny. SEAN RICE

I like Snoopy because he is just Snoopy. BRANDON DAVIS

I like Snoopy because he is funny when he sniffs people's root beer. JACOB DESCHAMPS

I like Snoopy because sometimes he is funny. BLAKE STEPHENS

I like Snoopy because he is funny when he is confused. EMMA DORMAN

I like Snoopy and the little birdie. I also like Lucy because she fed Snoopy a cookie. HILDE HUSEBY

I like Charlie Brown because sometimes he is funny. NATE MILLER

I like Snoopy because he's cute! GABBY RUEDA

I like Woodstock because he is a funny bird. LYNSEE SQUIRES

I like Snoopy because he is funny when he laughs and pretends he is a pilot. DAWSON THRASHER

I like them because they are funny and some of them get confused. CONNER WALDMAN



We like the Peanuts gang!

Letters to the Peanuts gang


My name is Hunter Stephens. Age: 8, grade 2nd. Country: USA. State: Montana. Town: Florence. I live in a house. I am a boy. My favorite character is Snoopy and you, Charlie Brown. My favorite book is "Harry Potter" and "A Charlie Brown Valentine." From, HUNTER CLARK STEPHENS


Why are you so dirty? I think that you are a good person to your friends. You are friendly to people. I like you when you are dirty in the house. You are a good actor. From, CALLIE STEVENS


Why are you always mad at Charlie Brown? I like you because you are pretty. You have pretty hair. What grade are you in? My name is Emily. I'm in second grade. We are learning about the Peanuts gang. From, EMILY JUDEN

I like you a lot because you are grumpy. I am grumpy sometimes too! You and I have very interesting attitudes. Love, JC-ANN COOKE


How old are you? Who is your hero? My favorite sport is basketball. I have three brothers. Have a nice day! From, CAJE GOLDEN

You are funny. Do you have fun? You are cute. Why do you pick on Woodstock and Charlie Brown? I wish you were my dog. Love, ASPEN HARDING

My name is Samuel and I want to ask you a question. Why don't you ever talk in your movies but only think? Can you answer me? I think a lot in my spare time. From, SAMUEL DIFORT

How are you? Why is your owner so weird and funny? You're funny, do you know? Why do you ride your doghouse? Snoopy, if Charlie Brown yelled, "Dinner time!" would you rush there? From, LAUREN BAETEN

How are you? What does the inside of your doghouse look like? What does the little redheaded girl look like? My name is Sarah. I live in Lolo, Montana. From, SARAH JUDEN

Why are you so silly? I like you. My mom and dad think I am silly too! In any movie why were you in the mailbox? From, DAVEY JANE STEVENS

I like you because you act like you are a pilot. You are funny and cool. I really want to be a pilot too! From, BO ZEILER

I have a question. Why do you do weird things to Woodstock? I want to tell you something. I have a dog just like you. His name is Duke. I have a lot of other animals just like you Snoopy. From, HANNAH PORCH

I would like to know who you are going to the dance with at the party. I am going to bring my Uncle Matt to dance with me at the party. Talk to you soon. From, MAKAYLA LEE GOLLIHUGH

Why do you like the Air Force? You are my favorite cartoon. What's your favorite kind of food? Mine is mashed potatoes and gravy. Your friend, DANIEL WIGHT

Do you play with Woodstock every day? I have a hamster. Do you eat hamsters? I think you are cute. From, JOSIE McCANN

My mom has a telephone that looks like you and Woodstock. What kind of bird is Woodstock? Remember when you fought the Red Baron? Best wishes. From, IAN APPLEBY



What does the cat next door look like?



What does the little redheaded girl look like?




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