Trump is greeted by Rosendale

President Donald Trump is greeted by Montana state Auditor Matt Rosendale and his wife, Jean, as he arrives at Missoula International Airport on Thursday en route to speak at a campaign rally at Minuteman Aviation Hangar.


Tester summary on immigration can be summarized in two words – open borders: False. Tester has said repeatedly he favors part of the wall and more border security, and has met with Trump a few times on border security. Tester also has been pushing for more northern border security.

Tester led the way against putting Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson in charge of the Veterans Administration: True. Tester was the ranking member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and made public allegations that Jackson was abusive to staff, handed out prescription drugs like they were candy and was drunk on overseas trips. Jackson withdrew his name from consideration, and the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General is investigating the allegations of personal and professional misconduct.

Tester has a “D” rating from the National Rifle Association: True. Tester supports the Second Amendment gun rights, but has a mixed record on voting. Rosendale has an “A” rating.

Tester voted to give funds to illegal immigrants: False. The vote that Trump refers to frequently was not in support of so-called “sanctuary cities,” or cities that would not comply with strict checks for undocumented immigrants. Instead, the vote which Trump cites would have allowed the federal government to cut off funding for sanctuary cities. Tester, along with 44 other senators, voted against the motion. In other words, he voted to preserve funding already promised to the cities. It would not have given funding directly to undocumented immigrants.

Jon Tester is a “super liberal”: False. According to FiveThirtyEight, Tester votes in line with Trump’s position 36.7 of the time. He was designated a “centrist Democrat” in July 2014 by GovTrack, which ranks and gauges Congress based on the analysis of the co-sponsorship of bills.

Rosendale said Tester cast the deciding vote on the Affordable Care Act: False. Tester cast the 52nd vote out of 60 votes to pass the ACA.


Kathleen Williams voted to give public benefits to illegal immigrants: Unclear. In 2011, Williams voted against a bill in the Montana Legislature that would have verified a person’s presence in the U.S. before issuing a driver’s license or ID card.

Kathleen Williams voted in favor of sanctuary cities: True. She voted against Bill 60, which prohibited local governments from enacting “anti-cooperation” policies, in the 2013 state Legislature.

Kathleen Williams supports open borders and opposes the wall. Partly true. In August, Williams told conservative talk radio hosts she doesn’t support abolishing ICE. She also said that she does support strategic barricades to stop illegal immigration along the border with Mexico, but not a continuous wall from coast to coast.

Kathleen Williams supports cap and trade: Mostly false. In June, Williams told E&E News that she thought communities like Colstrip need to diversify their economies, and that she supports research to find whether there are ways to convert coal in a more climate-friendly way to develop energy.


Trump thought Gianforte body-slamming Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs actually helped the representative on Election Day. Likely true. Most analysts agreed that any benefit from the incident likely went to Gianforte whose supporters may have been more motivated to get to the polls for fear of losing. Gianforte later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge which resulted in a 180-day jail deferred jail sentence, 40 hours of community service, a $300 fine and 20 hours of anger management.

Unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years: True. More Americans are in the workforce right now: Approximately 134,000 jobs were created in September 2018 and the national unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the lowest rate since 1969.

Household incomes in Montana have reached an all-time high: True. The U.S. Census Bureau reports Montana’s median household income for 2017 was $59,087.

More people are working now: True. According to MarketWatch.com, layoffs have been declining since 2010 and are now at the lowest level in almost 50 years.

Trump won because of the women’s vote: False. According to Pew Research, “Women were 13 percentage points more likely than men to have voted for Clinton (54 percent among women, 41 percent among men).” A Washington Post story said Trump received only 41 percent of the vote from women and 52 percent from men. However, among white women, Trump received 52 percent of the vote.

President Trump is willing to send the military to the southern border if necessary: Somewhat true. Federal law prohibits the use of the military as a police force unless it’s granted a waiver by Congress. Trump made a similar comment in April, but later said he was working toward a plan to use the National Guard, not the active duty forces.

The Democrats are behind a caravan of immigrants coming from Honduras, marching toward the United States’ southern border with Mexico: False. Guatemala reports that 3,000 Hondurans are marching through the country en route to Mexico. But the caravan itself isn’t in Mexico, and it’s not clear that they would go beyond Mexico. There is no evidence that anyone associated with the Democratic Party is involved in any way.

The United States has the strongest economy in the world: True. Earlier this month, the World Economy Forum ranked the U.S. No. 1 in global competitiveness, which is associated with higher incomes and better socioeconomic outcomes, including life satisfaction. MarketWatch.com said it’s the first time in a decade the U.S. has hit that spot.

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Lee Montana's Rob Chaney, Keila Szpaller, Seaborn Larson and Darrell Ehrlick contributed to this report.

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