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James Arthur Reedy

James Arthur Reedy

A 57-year-old Frenchtown man is charged with three felonies after prosecutors say he pointed a handgun he kept under his pillow at his wife’s children on Tuesday.

James Arthur Reedy, who faces two felony counts of assault with a weapon and another for criminal endangerment, is also accused of driving his truck at one of the children, allegedly slamming on his brakes and coming to a stop before hitting them.

According to a court affidavit, law enforcement had been called to a Frenchtown home around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday where a woman said Reedy, her common-law husband, had been arguing with one of her children.

The argument erupted after the child, who was grounded, went to Frenchtown Pond, prompting Reedy to cancel a family floating trip, the affadavit said.

The argument, which started outside, moved inside, where one of the children’s siblings, as well as their mother, intervened.

According to the affidavit, Reedy allegedly asked one of the children if they intended to fight him, adding “I’ll break your neck.”

His wife reported that Reedy then went into the bedroom and grabbed a .357 revolver from under the pillow, unholstered it and began to wave it in the air. When one of the children asked if he was going to shoot them, Reedy allegedly replied “I’ll shoot you (expletive) (expletive).”

The children and their mother left the house, followed by Reedy, who got into his truck. The affidavit said Reedy then drove toward the child he had originally started arguing with, accelerating as he got closer before he “slammed on his brakes” coming to a stop before hitting the child.

After arriving, sheriff’s deputies found Reedy behind a nearby shed. He allegedly said he doesn’t like kids and that the child who had been in the initial argument had been disrespectful. He said he had gone into the bedroom because he intended to gather his possessions to leave, and the the gun had fallen out of the holster. He said he had been waving it in the air, but denied making any threats.

Reedy allegedly told law enforcement after he got in the truck to leave, he heard the child “talking mad shit” and started pulling forward while the kid was standing in front of the truck. He said he had been traveling about 10 miles per hour when he braked and stopped.

A deputy found the revolver inside the house, and noted skid marks on the driveway.

In Missoula County Justice Court on Thursday, deputy county attorney Selene Koepke asked for Reedy's bail to be set at $30,000, saying that while he has minimal criminal history, prosecutors believe he is a potential danger to the community.

Justice of the Peace Marie Andersen chose to set bail at the $5,000 requested by public defense attorney Ted Fellman, who said Reedy has lived in the area for years.

Andersen said Reedy is not to contact the alleged victims in the case or return to the Frenchtown residence where the incident took place.

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