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Is there anything sweeter on Valentine’s Day than childhood sweetheart stories?

The Missoulian went searching on Facebook for married couples whose romances date back to grade or middle school. Here are three of the best responses.

Jessica and Jason Meyer, Missoula

My husband, Jason, and I met in 1996, when we were in 5th grade at Target Range. We “dated” for what seemed like forever at 10-11 years old. He was the sweetest boy and such a gentleman. He would do things like bring his coat out to recess for me in case I got cold, he would surprise me with little gifts in my locker and always made me feel loved, even as a young girl. I always dreamed of marrying him one day and working for his family restaurant, Howards Pizzeria.

Between the summer of 7th and 8th grade, my parents decided to move to Grangeville, Idaho, and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Jason, so our young love ended abruptly, with me moving away and unintentionally breaking his heart.

Fast forward to 2010 or so, and I ran into him at Westside Lanes. I was happily engaged, or so I thought, with a young son, and he was in a long-term relationship. We exchanged numbers as friends and went about our separate ways.

Not even a year later we ran into each other at the OLD Elbow Room. We chatted for hours!! We were both happy to catch up and once again went our separate ways. However, this time it was different. I couldn't stop thinking about him and hoped to run into him again.

My tumultuous relationship ended less than 2 months later. I went out with a girlfriend to the Elbow Room and was dancing and pretending to have fun when Amanda RAN over to me and said, "You know that guy you're always looking for when we come here?!" To which I instantly replied, "JASON?!" As soon as she confirmed my answer, I ran off the dance floor like a bat out of hell! He was near the bar and the first thing I said was, "How are you?!" His response?! "GREAT! I'm ******* finally single!" LOL my response? "ME TOO!"

And that is all she wrote! This was in October of 2011 and now, almost 7 years later, we are mostly happily married ;) and added a beautiful, crazy boy to our amazing blended family. Don't get me wrong, life is far from perfect, we have seen our fair share of trials and tribulations but we NEVER give up and we never throw in the towel. I believe communication and a good sense of humor are key to a successful marriage.

My day dreams as a 10-year-old girl have turned into my reality at the cusp of 32, and gosh darn, I feel truly blessed!!! Thank you for taking the time to read our love story! :)

Jessica (Rasmussen) Meyer


Kirstien and Andrew Golinsky, Kalispell

My husband, Andrew, and I first met when he was in 7th grade and I was in 8th at Evergreen Junior High. He was “dating” my best friend at the time, and the first time I talked to him, I said, “Hmm, you kind of look like an Oompa Loompa.” How can you ever come back from something like that??

Well, we lived down the road from one another and occasionally we ended up walking home from school at the same time. Long story short, my friend and him “broke up” when the school year ended. The summer passed, and I would occasionally see him when I took my dog for walks, and he would join me every now and then.

My first year at Glacier High School came, and at one of the first football games I went to, he was there. We ended up hanging out together with a group of friends, and you could say that night set the rest of our lives. We started “dating” the next week when he asked me to be his girlfriend over MySpace message - and of course I said yes.

We dated for almost a year, and then sadly, we broke up. For the next almost 3 years, we DID NOT get along. We dated other people, called each other names, and were mean to one another... and when I say mean, I’m talking trying to sabatoge each other’s lives. But there was always something about him that I just could never get over.

Finally, my senior year started in 2012, and we ended up having a class together — Theater Arts. Neither of us were in theater and either of us are artistic. We started to be civil to one another, and slowly started talking more and more frequently. He started finding me between classes, and texting and calling me. Then, on New Years night, he invited me to a friend’s bonfire, and we ended up having a long talk where he apologized for the last few years and said he was ashamed of himself for ever treating me the way he did, and asked if I would be his girlfriend. And of course I said yes!

Over the last 5 years, we’ve talked about how we both always knew there was something different about each other. We looked for one another in the other people we dated, and they never lived up to the expectations we had. We got married 9/10/16, and had our daughter 8/11/17. I’m so lucky to have married someone that I grew up with, someone who’s seen me at the worst times of my life and helped me through them, and someone who pushes me to be better every day. He holds every door, always says “I’m sorry” and is the best dad I could have ever asked for my daughter. I’m beyond happy and blessed to spend the rest of my life with my curly haired “Oompa Loompa.”

Kirstien (Taylor) Golinsky


Amanda and Tony Sedita, Missoula

My husband and I met in kindergarten class at Lowell School in 1990. He had a crush on me, I don't remember that far back, but we did find pictures of kindergarten programs where he is staring at me.

I moved away in third grade, grew up in Texas, and moved back to Missoula in 2001, the summer before junior year at Hellgate. We hung out a lot, but started dating the summer before our senior year.

It's coming up on 16 years together, 10 married. We are happy and have three beautiful children: Dallas, 6; Decker, 3, and Liberty, 9 months. Tony always says that he knew in kindergarten that he was going to marry me someday.

Amanda (Mann) Sedita

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