There’s no wrong time of year for a themed animal adoption event, and sometimes they just fall in the laps of those at the Humane Society of Western Montana.

This weekend, just in time for the changing of the leaves, the Humane Society of Western Montana is discounting adoption fees on orange cats, to bring a little warmth and color to a Missoulian’s home over the winter.

“A lot of these … are kind of last minute,” development and marketing manager Jacquelyn Davis said. “We just noticed that we had a lot of orange cats.”

Around a half-dozen, with a few kittens as well, Davis said.

The usual adoption fees are $50 for a cat and $125 for kittens. The Pumpkin Spice Cat adoptions drop the fee to zero for cats and $75 for kittens. The event started Friday, Oct. 11, and runs Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.m.

Davis said the available cats run the gamut from nice cuddlers to mousers.

Sherpa, a 9-year-old cat, was featured in the Humane Society’s photo shoot wearing a fuzzy fabric pumpkin hat.

“He’s really sweet, he’s really friendly,” Davis said. “He was purring when we were doing our photo shoot. He really likes wearing a pumpkin.”

Another pair, Pony Boy and Jack, are bonded, meaning they won’t be separated in adoption. They loved being outdoors and are good mousers, Davis said.

If people come in to find an orange cat, but strike out, Davis hoped they would have the opportunity to redirect the adopter to an animal that fits better, even if it’s not quite in the seasonal theme.

But to have this many orange cats at once is a comparative rarity that called for a special event.

“They’re not the most common. I think they go pretty quick,” she said. “Especially big orange boys seem pretty popular, so they go pretty fast.”

The most popular cat in Missoula (RIP Saul of Rockin’ Rudy’s) is likely Jethro, a large orange-and-white cat that lives in Betty’s Divine.

Shop owner Aimee McQuilkin said they took Jethro from the Humane Society around four years ago. He’s since become a mascot for the clothing store, adorning pins and hats and becoming Instagram famous.

“He’s just so unique and memorable,” McQuilkin said. “Someone just came in the shop and took a picture with him yesterday from Finland.”

McQuilkin, who has cats at home as well, likes Jethro for his laid-back, social personality. She called him “the face of tolerance. Her daughter did a school report on cat coats and their personalities and found orange cats have a stereotype.

“Orange cats are super loving. And that is the truth.”

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