Scrap of all kinds awaited families to be turned into art Sunday afternoon in the University Center to kick off First Night Missoula festivities. 

Everything from baseball cards to wine corks, and rubber tires to yarn were available to be transformed into whatever the artist imagined at the Scrap Art Creation Station. 

"It's art baby!" Jason Long said as he painted a tin can blue along with his wife and daughter. "You can't name art."

The event, led by local artist Tabitha Beard, who goes by the artist name B. Martinez, and the organization SPARK! used materials that most people would consider throwing away. 

It's something that Beard says allows people to be more creative. 

"I like setting out supplies and seeing what people will do with them," Beard said. "Missoula has a huge, impressive community of great minds and when you give them art supplies, it's fun to just see what they'll do." 

SPARK! is a national partnership for the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child Initiative and works to give more art education opportunities for students in Missoula. 

SPARK! Director Jackalynn Snow said it's events like this that can remind people what art can do for them.

"I think adults and even as children get older, they start to think of themselves less and less as an artist," Snow said. "So I think this type of thing is non-threatening and you can have fun with it and realize that everyone does have that creative capacity." 

Tables were filled end to end with different items, all waiting to be re-imagined and created into something new. 

All 11-year-old Elizabeth Bradford needed for her masterpiece was a plate and some paint. Although she was undecided on what the plate was for, she said she had a good year and is looking forward to 2018.

"I'm looking forward to new starts and new friends and more friends," Elizabeth said as she painted a portion of the plate purple. 

Sitting at the table just behind, Elizabeth's mother, Molly, was cutting up a section of a bike tire as her brother stapled sand paper and fabric together. Molly said the events of First Night are a fun way to spend time with her kids and good way to end the year. 

"We get to see a lot of our friends and our kids' friends," Bradford said. "We get to be creative and like all the groups that participate. It's just a big celebration of Missoula." 

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