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Andrew Emmings

Andrew Emmings

A Missoula man is charged with a second road rage incident in as many years after allegedly trying to force a car off the road with his van, and throwing food at the car's windshield, after the car's driver cut him off near Lolo.

Andrew Emmings, 36, made his first court appearance Friday on a felony count of criminal endangerment. Emmings, who was arrested Wednesday and posted his $50,000 bond Thursday, has two other open criminal cases, and last spring pleaded guilty in a different road rage case.

According to a court affidavit filed with his newest charge, Missoula County deputies were called to Lolo on Wednesday for a report of a man who had parked in the middle of U.S. Highway 93 and thrown a plate of food at another car, causing it to run off the road.

A witness told officers that she was driving southbound on the highway when she saw a van get cut off by a car. She said the van caught up to the car and began to swerve into it, causing the car’s driver to steer onto the shoulder to avoid being hit.

As they reached Lolo, the woman said the van's driver threw a tray of food out of the window, hitting the car's windshield, then pulled ahead of the car and stopped in the road, blocking traffic, before driving away.

Deputies found a vehicle matching the description at a nearby storage facility. According to court records, Emmings got out and told officers “I don’t (expletive) care anymore, just take me to jail.”

He allegedly said he was cut off in traffic, but denied engaging the other driver.

In spring 2016, Emmings was arrested and charged with a felony after punching and kicking dents into a woman’s car after she cut him off in traffic. He then led police on a chase through Missoula on his dirt bike.

The felony charge eventually was reduced to a misdemeanor, and in April Emmings received a fully suspended sentence.

Between then and Emmings’ arrest Wednesday he was arrested again twice.

In December, Emmings was charged with 21 counts of violating an order of protection — 19 of which are felonies — after allegedly repeatedly calling and texting a woman who was granted an order of protection against him last summer.

On Jan. 10, Emmings appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to all of those charges. The next day he was arrested again on misdemeanors for partner assault, unlawful restraint and privacy in communications. According to court documents filed in that case, a woman told law enforcement in October that she went on a date with Emmings in late September.

When Emmings picked her up, instead of going to a Lolo restaurant as planned, he said they would be going somewhere else in Hamilton, but then turned off onto U.S. Highway 12. The woman said she told Emmings to take her home, but he refused.

When they arrived at the Lolo Hot Springs parking lot, the woman jumped out of Emmings’ van, but said he got out as well and grabbed her face and hit her. He then told her he would take her home, but instead continued to drive away from Lolo.

The woman told the detective Emmings eventually stopped the van, but then threw her to the ground and began to hit her again. He eventually took her home. She said since the incident Emmings continued to call and text her daily, and followed her around Lolo.

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