A Florida man who prosecutors claim was cooking meth in a storage facility has been transported back to Missoula to face charges. 

Brian Ashley Flowers, 33, appeared in Missoula County Justice Court on Monday afternoon facing a felony count of conspiracy to commit criminal production of dangerous drugs. 

According to law enforcement reports, the owner of a storage facility on Harlequin Court noticed a clear fluid leaking under the garage door of a unit on Oct. 2.  

When the owner became concerned and opened the door, he noticed a strong chemical odor. He also saw a gallon-size bottle with orange residue inside and tubing coming out the top. A can of paint thinner also was inside the unit, court documents stated.

After the man called 9-1-1, Missoula law enforcement obtained a search warrant and found "several items consistent with the clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine," including an HCL gas generator with a white granular material in the bottom and two tubes on the top. 

The tubes allegedly tested positive for meth.

The woman who rented the storage unit, Risa Hill, apparently admitted to police that she had accompanied Flowers to Walmart to purchase pseudophedrine on Sept. 30.

She also admitted to driving Flowers to the storage unit to manufacture methamphetamine and said the drug was "cooked" while she was there with the defendant.

Justice of the Peace Marie Andersen imposed $50,000 bail on Flowers before remanding him to Missoula County jail. 

Hill has been in the jail since Dec. 28 on three misdemeanor charges, including conspiracy and criminal production or manufacturing of dangerous drugs, both misdemeanors.

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