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Erik Lee Nugent

Erik Lee Nugent, 47.

A 47-year-old Missoula man is facing a host of felony charges for allegedly drugging underage girls as young as 12 with meth, alcohol and ecstasy and violently raping them.

Erik Lee Nugent appeared in Missoula County Justice Court on Thursday. He is charged with 12 felonies, including sexual abuse of children, sexual intercourse without consent, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual assault. The incidents are alleged to have occurred with multiple girls dating back to 2008.

Nugent was reported to Missoula police detectives by coworkers who were concerned about his sexualized comments about children. A witness told detectives that Nugent told her that he had videotaped a 17-year-old performing oral sex on him, and that he also “had a thing” with a 14-year-old.

In an interview at First Step Resource Center, the 17-year-old told investigators that Nugent “got her high, fed her drugs, called guys over to (expletive) her, choked her, cut her up, tied her down and bruised her.” She said this occurred in his basement, and he would also use objects such as a hammer to have sex with her and make her call him “daddy.”

The girl said she used meth and alcohol with Nugent while he took pictures, and she said he told her he’s done this type of thing with a bunch of other girls. She said that while she did not protest to engaging in sexual intercourse at the time, she was high on meth. She often communicated to him on Facebook.

Another witness told detectives that Nugent was bringing girls aged 14 and 15 into the woods and having sex with them. On March 3, detectives spoke with an alleged 14-year-old victim. She said she met Nugent when she was 13 and he got her hooked on meth. She recalled watching porn with him on a laptop computer, and he had asked if she wanted Adderall via the social media app Snapchat.

In one conversation, Nugent allegedly told the girl not to tell anyone that he had “smoked up” with her because he was afraid “they would call the popo” on him.

Another alleged victim who is now 15 told police that she explicitly told Nugent that she was 14 when they first met. She said she was living with Nugent and he provided drugs such as acid, mushrooms, Ritalin, ecstacy, marijuana and meth. She disclosed that when she once did molly with Nugent while several other people were present, he put his mouth and hands on her private parts. She said Nugent also took a photo of her topless with his work cellphone.

Detectives executed a search warrant of Nugent’s Facebook page on March 23, and found that most messages were deleted. They did discover that he had sent another victim a photo of a glass pipe with the words “I love meth” written on it.

In December of last year, detectives interviewed alleged victims who were 12 and 13 during an incident the previous July. They stated that an unidentified male “about 40 years old” picked them up at the skatepark and then they took some white pills and smoked marijuana. The girl said she was “messed up” but at some point the man touched her genitals and tried kissing her.

She reported in the following days after being assaulted, the male found her on Facebook and sent her messages. She later identified Nugent as the assailant from a police lineup.

Nugent is being held on $150,000 bond at the Missoula County Detention Center.

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