Maintenance technicians, Bill Lake and Matt Moore of Missoula’s Parking Commission install a solar powered parking meter in 2015.

Backed up sewage from frozen pipes prompted the Missoula Parking Commission to abruptly close its Main Street offices at 3 p.m. Wednesday and move into a temporary location at 416 Ryman Street.

Tiffany Brander, the parking commission interim director, said that late Monday afternoon, they had some flooding coming up from the drains both in the office and outdoor break room.

“A plumbing company found some frozen pipes that led to a lot of technical terms,” Brander said on Wednesday. “But the contents did include sewer water, so it’s not a clean and safe environment. Basically, anything that the water touched will need to be disposed of, like carpeting, drywall and insulation.”

She’s not sure how long the four employees will be in their temporary location, but said she hopes to have tech staff set up computers by 8 a.m. Thursday so they can provide business as usual for people wanting to pay parking tickets or conduct other business. Brander added that people also can pay parking tickets online and get questions answered at their website ci.missoula.mt.us/462/Parking-Commission.

The parking garage will remain open, but the Main Street exit is closed, meaning motorists will have to exit onto Ryman Street. Parking enforcement also will continue as normal.

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