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Monday's rainfall ended a 47-day streak of no rain in the Missoula area, the longest spell without measurable rain since record-keeping began in 1948, according to the National Weather Service.

The recent dry streak beat last year's record tracked at Missoula International Airport by one day.

But it's not forecast to last.

Monday's drizzle may be the last precipitation until next week, said National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Gibson.

"It's a long way away, but it looks like it could be a fall system," Gibson said. "Definitely a cooler change as we get into the last week of August."

And the record-breaking rain won't quite alleviate the smoke in the area as fires continue to rage in the western United States and Canada. Hazy conditions likely will continue after the rain clears out, Gibson said. 

Gibson said the area never picked up any significant moisture from monsoons off the Pacific Northwest coast, and as a result had very brief thunderstorm periods. 

"Less than we would expect," he said. "That resulted in the unusual dry spell."

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