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A Seeley Lake man who allegedly attempted to pimp out his German shepherd to women on Craigslist is facing a felony count of attempted deviate sexual conduct. 

William Farrell Russell, 52, appeared in Missoula County Justice Court on Friday before Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech, who ordered him to immediately give up his German shepherd to Animal Control.

"Contact Animal Control today and transport the animal there," Orzech said. 

She also restricted his computer use to business purposes only and prohibited him from using Craigslist. 

Russell was initially booked in Missoula County jail, but immediately posted his $50,000 bail and remains free.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Deputy County Attorney Brian Lowney, Missoula Police Detective Chris Shermer saw a suspicious post on Craigslist advertising sexual encounters with a dog to females.

Under the section "casual encounters," Russell allegedly posted "seeking girls knot looking for a good time 0m4w-38."

In the body of the message, Russell allegedly posted another message using the curious term "knot" in reference to a good time.

Shermer later learned that "knotting" is used in reference to dog breeding.

"When a male dog is mating with a female dog, the male dog's genitals swell up to lock the male dog's genitals inside the female," the affidavit explained. 

Posing as a young female interested in the activity, Shermer contacted Russell, who responded by sending three pictures of the dog and its penis to Shermer.

Russell then allegedly wrote he was willing to make his dog available for sex and they made plans to meet Thursday at a location in Missoula.

Russell appeared at the designated spot with his black German shepherd. He was arrested upon his arrival. 

Russell's preliminary appearance is June 12 at 4 p.m.

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