The law school at the University of Montana has been named to a nationwide list of the most underrated schools of law in the country.

The recently renamed Alexander Blewett III School of Law at UM placed third on the list, which took into account student employment outcomes, the median scores of the student's LSATs and how many citations the law review at the school has received.

The study of law schools around the country was done by law professor Alfred Brophy of the University of North Carolina.

Campell University in North Carolina and Drexel University in Pennsylvania beat out UM on the list of most underrated, which was published by Bloomberg Business at the end of June.

The ranking for most underrated was found by comparing Brophy's ratings for LSAT scores and employment to U.S. News and World Report's rankings of the best law schools in the country to see which schools had the largest bump in their placement. UM was 113th from U.S. News and 73rd using Brophy's metrics.

The UM law school graduates about 80 students every year. The school was renamed in May following a $10 million donation by Alexander Blewett III of Great Falls and his family. The money will go toward establishing a consumer protection and consumer law program at the school, as well as legal education scholarships.