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Main Hall, University of Montana

Main Hall on the University of Montana campus is the U's oldest building, and reportedly the most haunted.  Knocks on doors when no one was on the other side, an apparition of a woman with dark hair, clanking chains, and objects moving on their own have all been reported.  

The University of Montana reopened the Mansfield Library at 5 p.m. Tuesday after closure due to a burst pipe.

The library was closed Feb. 10 after a pipe burst on the fourth floor and caused flooding on all levels. Damage to library collections was minimal, UM noted in a news release.

"UM has completed testing and inspection of the building and determined the facility is safe to reopen," according to UM. "Fans and other equipment will remain on-site until cleanup is complete."

UM earlier noted the problem caused "substantial water damage" in some areas and affected the ceiling, carpets and some fixtures and offices.

"Thankfully, damage to the library collections appears to be minimal," UM said in an earlier email about the closure.

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