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Spend enough time sitting in court in Missoula and you will hear some, ahem, interesting conversations between judges, attorneys and defendants.

Wednesday was one such occasion.

During a sentencing hearing, a man’s defense attorney asked District Court Judge Leslie Halligan to make several corrections to a report prepared by a probation officer about her client. Among them was that the description of one of his tattoos was incorrect.

A tattoo apparently located on the defendant’s penis.

The tattoo in question was of the words “your name.” But when the probation officer heard that description, she misunderstood and wrote in her own name on the report.

The ensuing who’s-on-first confusion between Halligan, the man’s attorney and the probation officer to correctly identify the tattoo was only ended after the defendant leaned down to the microphone and letter by letter spelled out “Y-O-U-R N-A-M-E.”

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