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Three Rivers Mental Health Center is a licensed mental health center providing a variety of support services in the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys.

Three Rivers staff works with clients and their family, friends and support systems to help clients maintain and improve their quality of life.

This is done with the understanding that as a person's quality of life increases, the symptoms of mental illness and stress decrease and people live healthier, happier lives with dignity and independence.

Three Rivers provides adult case management, medication management, outpatient therapy, mental health assessments and diagnosis, representative payee services, support with activities of daily living, support and advocacy for people with mental illness, an intensive community-based service program that includes face-to-face medication reminders and medication prompts,a work program, and many mental health groups.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. Please send any donations to 3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions, 715 Kensington Ave., Missoula, MT 59801 Attn: Alexa, or call 406-317-2968.

• A severely mentally handicapped woman is living in a bedbug-infested house. She was able to get an exterminator out to treat the house one time, however the exterminator needs to do a series of three treatments and the woman cannot afford that. Donations are being sought for her to be able to get the exterminator back out to treat her house.

• A mentally handicapped man is living in an apartment with bedbugs. The complex has helped him get new carpet and treat the bedbugs, but the bedbugs are still in his clothes. Donations of large plastic bags are being sought so that he can put his clothes in and seal tight so that he can kill the rest of the bedbugs.

• A family with disabilities is in need of a large sturdy dog pen. Due to their disabilities they are unable to walk their dogs and they do not have fencing at their home. They are fearful of letting them out without fencing and have attempted to create a pen out of scrap wood and a tarp, but the dogs are able to escape the pen leaving the family frightened that they will get lost or run over. If interested in helping this family, please call Kathy at 3 Rivers Mental Health at 406-552-5782.

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