Kathy Best

Kathy Best

Dear Missoulian Readers,

When we rolled out the recent changes to the daily Missoulian print edition, we asked you to tell us what you thought. And boy, did you.

The passion, loyalty and sense of ownership you feel about this newspaper is both inspiring and humbling.

That’s why, beginning this week, we are rolling back many of the changes we made based on your top concerns.

The Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday papers will once again contain four sections, which makes them easier to share.

We’ll have stand-alone sections for Food on Wednesday and the Outdoors on Thursday. On Saturday, the local religion column and religion briefs and events will appear on an easy-to-find section front.

We also are restoring a second editorial page for your letters and guest columns in the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday papers so we can feature more local voices on the issues of the day.

Monday and Tuesday, the smallest papers of the week, will remain two-section papers. But we will change our design to make those two sections more shareable. The puzzles and advice page will move into sports. And we’ll make it easier for you to cut out the puzzles without cutting holes in the news stories you care about.

We’re adding more pages to the paper throughout the week, which means more room for national, international and sports coverage, in addition to the local news you expect.

We've already added back the Dirty Fingernails gardening column, which now appears in the Sunday Montana section. And we are printing prime time TV listings every day of the week.

We appreciate all of your calls, emails and letters.

As a long-time Missoulian reader told us, "One of my earliest memories is of sitting with my father, before I could read, listening to him read to me from MY paper. Yes, it was my paper long before it was yours."

Thank you for that reminder. We are taking it to heart.


Kathy Best

Missoulian Editor

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