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When using logic, guns are not the problem

When using logic, guns are not the problem

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Logic is missing in our world of thought. I find that many people make leaps in logic without noticing that these leaps make their deduction invalid. An example that is obvious to us all is this: My lips are pink. Pigs are pink. Therefore, my lips are pigs. Of course, we can all see how ridiculous this deduction is, can’t we?

Well, now let’s talk about guns. A leap of logic has taken many to the deduction that guns must be controlled.

Guns kill our children. Guns kill innocent victims. Neither of these statements is false, yet they are subjectively applied to guns only. All who believe that gun control is the answer to stopping violence are using a skewed perspective on public safety. If your heart is truly and honestly set upon safety for all, then scrutinize the other inanimate objects used by human beings that kill many more of our children and citizens than guns. No one applies the same type of “control” mentality to these devices. I have listed some factual statistics to help explain.

1. When 9/11 happened, we were all devastated. However, was there ever any talk about banning planes? No. Tighter security in the airports was applied. Yet private and chartered flights still could be accessed without this extreme security.

2. The deadliest school massacre in U.S. history killed 38 children and six adults. It was the Bath School disaster of 1927 in Michigan, and was caused by dynamite and pyrotol. I wanted to know more about what pyrotol was, so I went to Wikipedia. It states: “Pyrotol… was often used by farmers to remove tree stumps and clear ditches. The substance was known for being used to commit the Bath School Disaster in 1927 and distribution of pyrotol for farm use was discontinued in 1928.”

I mention this because pyrotol is no longer available, yet we still see evil people doing evil things with other tools of destruction. If you take away all Americans’ access to guns, maybe these evil people will create new and even more vulgar ways to destroy. Sick people are sick. The gun is not sick.

3. This one is my biggest disappointment. No one wants to deal with the biggest killer of them all. I thank MADD for making these statistics constantly available to the deaf ears of America. In Montana alone, drunken driving killed 72 people in 2010 and 81 people in 2011. That is three times the loss of Sandy Hook. Where are your outcries for alcohol control?

These deaths do not include all the alcohol-related violence outside of the car. Ask any law officer or court official about it. A majority of our criminal cases have a consistent ingredient, which is alcohol.

Nationally, in 2010 drunken driving killed 10,136 people and in 2011 there were 9,878 killed. Where are your outcries for the innocent? Where is the control that will ensure their safety and protection?

Let’s apply your logic to these tragic events too. Outlaw alcohol. Outlaw cars. Outlaw airplanes.

Hypocrisy abounds. For instance, does anyone know of a 32-ounce soda that has taken another person’s life? Yet New York City will make sure you can’t have one “for your own good.” Yet how many alcoholic beverages can you have in New York?

If your concern is sincere, then every inanimate object that plays a role in the killing of innocence needs to be scrutinized. Not just one. Not just guns.

We need to stop the subjective attack of just one inanimate object. There are bad people who do bad things.

Taking away the rights of the majority because of the few is illogical.

Louise Kingston has 25 years experience as an advertising executive and has completed her first year of Law School at the University of Montana.

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