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Barack Obama: Our president is a sociopath

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Barack Obama is a sociopath.

He is a cold, unemotional creature who not only lacks a conscience, he lacks the ability to experience human emotion. He can emulate it but cannot live emotion as the roughly 96 percent of normal humans know and experience it.

A sociopath is reduced to living his entire life obsessed with one thing - winning.

A sociopath is a bald-faced liar who can say anything without regret or proof of his statements and has no inner problem with such inhuman deceit.

He is hell-bent to destroy anyone who stands in the way of his ambitions.

He can be ruthless to and beyond cruelty and sleep like a baby after intentionally destructive acts against other human beings.

A sociopath only uses emotional terms as he observes and interprets their meaning and impact in normal humans.

This is why his public reactions to devastating news and events are so inappropriate.

He simply doesn't get the emotional impact of life's tragedies and disappointments as we do.

This is how a guy can go golfing or attend a gala party without remorse immediately after a devastating event that would really take the wind out of the sails of a normal person.

A sociopath interprets normal human emotion as a weakness to exploit in others.

Emotion is a weakness the sociopath is thankful he does not possess.

The sociopath is the most dangerous and insidious threat to society because normal humans cannot conceive of the sociopath's existence without a conscience.

This is how an American president can deliberately destroy his own country's future to prove his own power to manipulate, as Puppet Master, all the puppets around him who are his "subjects."

A sociopath has no "higher calling."

He answers to nothing but his own whim, the only relevant force in his universe.

Ed Rendel, Sula

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