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Dear Gov. Brian Schweitzer:

Thank you for our support for the big rigs. It makes perfect sense for all parties concerned to work for this project.

As a lifelong Montana log truck driver, I feel that not only can the drivers do the job safely and courteously, we certainly could use the work.

Lets consider for a moment what $68 million could do for Montana. For one thing, it would create well-needed jobs for Montana. Second, it’s been said that it will impact the tourist trade, but I believe that the impact on tourist interests will be a positive one rather than negative due to the sheer spectacle of these big loads.

The fine job that the Department of Transportation does will improve our roads, turnouts, etc., and set a standard of precedence for our neighbors to the north, and be an excellent option for future projects for our state.

As for the so-called environmental effect, the Lochsa corridor would not be affected in any way. Why? Because the fish in the river, the birds overhead and the deer along the roadway don’t even know what day of the week it is – nor do they care. Let the ridiculous opinions of “snake bite” conclusions be heard, but in fact, their statements are of no concern.

To be polite, I would like to say that the public doesn’t need to be “protected” from the big rigs. The big rigs need to be protected from the public. More cars run into trucks than trucks run into cars.

Thank you, governor!

Leroy Christofferson, Missoula

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